Plucking is the easiest and most common but not the most ideal way. As a result of plucking the hair follicle can become inflamed, leading to scarring. The stiffness and the darker color of the newly regrown hairs are also not encouraging. Why beauticians recommend that women with dark skin, on which unwanted hair quite a bit, avoided this method due to the fact that when plucking a number of hairs will grow literally in an arithmetic progression.
A depilatory or cream is capable of dissolving hair at the base of the root. Their use is very frequent irritation, inflammation and numerous, but the effectiveness of these creams have a high enough. This method has only one advantage - low price. Guaranteed result lasts only a week or two.
Wax in removing unwanted "vegetation" is very popular. This method works excellently in the areas of the ear and upper lip, but it is not suitable for areas of the lower face, where hair is usually more rough. For women brown wax is also unacceptable, because quite often disturbed pigmentation of the skin. The effect of this method is visible for 2-6 weeks.
Electrolysis is based on the action of low voltage electric current which destroys the hair follicles. This procedure is expensive, but the result is worth it.
Laser to remove unwanted hair, ideal for fair-skinned women with hair of dark color. But dark-skinned women with highly qualified professionals and subject to the application of laser devices a new generation can count on a great result. But what we need to remember is the compulsory preliminary consultation with a dermatologist before carrying out this procedure.