For the whole complex to get rid of unwanted hair of the face will need the following tools:

  1. salicylic alcohol;
  2. salicylic ointment;
  3. ammonia (ammonia);
  4. valorada peroxide (3-5 %);
  5. moisturizing face cream;
  6. cotton swab;
  7. the cotton pads.

Preparing for the weakening of hairs

This procedure can not be called gentle, so 2-3 days before it should be a special way to take care of the skin. 2 times a day wipe face with a salicylic alcohol and salicylic lubricated with ointment. This should be done very gently, do not RUB the person with alcohol disk and to get wet, trying to touch moles and birthmarks, otherwise they will be brighter. If it is very thoroughly a person drive, in the future the skin will peel off much.

After the procedure wiping face with alcohol complete, it is necessary to take the fingers some ointment, rubbing, warming it in your hands and apply to face, paying special attention to nose, cheeks, forehead. Apply the ointment should be as tidy as the spirit - light stroking, tapping fingers on the face, especially the skin under the eyes. In this area apply the cream or ointment should be in very small quantities.


After 2-3 days, you can carry out the procedure of weakening of hairs. To do this, mix 5 drops of liquid ammonia, 7 drops of hydrogen peroxide, a bit of cream to make the mixture practicewise, thick consistency.

The procedure of loosening the hairs

Before beginning the procedure, check to see whether allergic to the mixture. For this it needs to be applied in small amounts on the skin of the hands if after 2-3 minutes, the redness will not be observed, it is possible to carry out the operation on the face.

It must be remembered that the vapor of ammonia is very volatile, they can easily affect the breathing centers in the brain - breathing it in a certain amount a person can lose consciousness, stop breathing and can even stop the heart. Therefore, you should take care of this before the procedure.

During application of the mixture have to hold your breath or inhale deeply, and then just wave a sheet of paper and exhale. Again hold your breath and apply the mix evenly on the hairs so they drowned in it. Wait time: 4-5 minutes, if there is a redness of the skin, immediately rinse the mixture off your face.

After the procedure, the mixture gently rinse with warm water, soak a dry towel and apply a salicylic ointment is quite greasy layer.

It is noticeable that the hairs much lighter, and some broken off from the region of the root. This operation should be carried out 1 time in 5 days, 3-5 such treatments the hair may disappear completely. But we must remember that each person has their own structure of the hair and to completely remove them you may need different amounts of time, but if even the toughest hair will be to remove therefore, you can be sure that they will never appear.