Advice 1: How to get rid of the mustache at home

Excessive facial hair can bring its owner a lot of hassle. In addition to the unsightly aesthetic appearance, mustache in women can be an indicator of problems in the body. In order to get rid of unwanted hair there are a variety of methods.
No need to hide my antennae, because they can be easy to get rid of!
First, you need to make sure that the whiskers on the face are not the cause of the internal diseases of the adrenal or hormonal imbalance. To diagnose the problem, you must contact your endocrinologist and gynecologist. Usually with proper treatment the tendrils disappear by themselves.
If increased vegetation turned out to be just your physiological feature, then do not worry. Modern cosmetology offers many ways to get rid of this scourge.
The simplest way is shaving and plucking. Shaving helps to get rid of the antennae, but has a huge drawback: the hair starts to grow quickly and become much thicker. Plucking - the procedure is painful, but allows for a longer period to get rid of the antennae.
Another way is to use a special depilatory cream (it needs to be for areas of the face). This hair removal is painless and gives a strong effect for 3-5 days, after which the procedure must be repeated. This method is not suitable for people with sensitive skin. It can also cause severe allergic reaction, so before applying the cream on the face need to do a test on the skin of the wrist.
Removal of antennae used cosmetic wax. The advantages of this method are that the procedure must be done about once a week, and the newly growing hairs will gradually become subtler. The downside is the soreness and the possibility of allergies.
If the hairs on the face are few and thin, you can try to bleach their hair, which is used blonde. Regular bleaching makes the hairs less noticeable, and gradually thins their structure. Before you apply paint on the face, you need to do a test on the skin of the hands, to avoid allergies.
Once and forever get rid of antennae will help laser hair removal, which is carried out in beauty salons. According to experts quite a few such sessions to be able to forget about the antennae!
To date, the best way to remove mustache is laser therapy and electrolysis. These are the most effective ways of getting rid of facial hair, but, unfortunately, these procedures cost a lot of money and require repetition after a while. How to get rid of the mustache at home.
Useful advice
Before you start treatments to get rid of the mustache, go to the doctor-endocrinologist — he will define not caused by the growth of whiskers hormonal disorders. If violations are detected, you will appoint treatment. These procedures are not cheap, but extremely effective. They allow you to get rid of the moustache if not forever, then for a very long time. How to get rid of a girl mustache at home.

Advice 2: How to get rid of the paint on the hair

Women always strive for beauty. Wanting to be more neotrazimoi, they often experiment with appearance, especially with hair. A change of hair color is also a subconscious desire to add to your life brightness and positivity. But not always shade after dyeing it turns out what was planned. This is especially true in cases when the image changes radically. What to do in this situation?
Bad color of hair is a real nightmare for women.
How to get rid of the paint on the hair and fix the tint after a failed experiment? It all depends on what you do not like. If you badly discolored and received as a result of red or yellow hair, here one solution is to paint them a soft bleaching powder paint. Color dye for bleached hair you should choose a tone lighter than the desired shade, as it can get more intense. Bleached hair empty inside, scales them opened, so do not be surprised that the paint will quickly wash out. Should be in 2 weeks to re-staining to the color pigments firmly entrenched inside the hair and not washed out. Bleached hair is painted from the back, then you should paint the roots, and in the end apply the mixture on the ends, as they quickly succumb to staining.
If you unsuccessfully dyed in a dark color, then get rid of paint , you can use natural masks, and mutes the color. These include kefir and oil. Masks are made several times a week, preferably at night. Oil (burdock, almond, flax), or yogurt is applied over the entire surface of hair. Then the head should be wrapped with plastic wrap and insulate with a towel. Natural mask strengthens the hair and gradually pulled the dark color, restoring hair's natural shade.If your hair is not too dry to chemical dyes, try to wash your hair with bar soap, but don't keep it on the hair, as it also dries them. Soap also washes away the paint.
If waiting is not in your power, you can be advised to make the procedure of washing paint out of my hair. Remover is the removal of artificial color pigments from the hair structure with the help of a special composition. Washes are sold in specialized stores. Most popular of them are: "Color off" Estel, "Colorianne Color System" Cool, "Color Remake" Hair Light, "Remover" with "Oxy Reload" Selective.Remover is applied not once, but several - as long as the hair is not white is so that they can be painted in your desired shade. The remover does not discolor the hair, it contains hydrogen peroxide so will not make your hair lighter natural shade, unless of course you were not previously bleached.Wash hair after this procedure they can become thinner, dimmer. But if after her color soft contact lenses paint, the Shine and strength of your locks secured.After the procedure wash color is hard to care for hair, all failed experiments are not deprived of you elegant, healthy, and shiny hair.

Advice 3: How to get rid of facial hair at home

Many women face problem with unwanted facial hair. Very often, these hair start to grow because of hormonal failure in the body, sometimes appear as a consequence of their own physiology. In any case, do not worry, because unwanted hair can be easy to get rid of.
How to get rid of facial hair at home
You will need
  • - tweezers for plucking hair;
  • cream for depilation of the person;
  • - wax strips;
  • - paint for hair "blonde";
  • - folk remedies: green skin of walnuts, soda, water.
The easiest way to remove hair is plucking. Depending on the rate of growth in such a procedure will have to repeat one or two times a week.
Another way to make a smooth face is to use a special cream for delicate epilation. It can be purchased in the pharmacy or cosmetic store. Before you apply the cream on the face, it is necessary to check: it does not cause it an allergic reaction? To check, take a drop of cream and apply it on your wrist. If within 10 minutes the skin not having redness, the cream can be safely applied to the face. Hair removal in this way allows you to get rid of hairs for a period of one to three weeks.
Equally effective wax strips for face. The advantages of this method include ease of use and long-lasting effect, as the hairs removed from the root, thus preserving the smoothness of the skin for two to three weeks. There is a negative - waxing quite painful. After the hairs are removed, it is necessary to lubricate the skin moisturizer. Since the procedure causes redness of the skin, making it better at night.
If facial hair thin and sparse, you can try to lighten them with ordinary blonde. Apply some dye on your wrist to ensure no allergic reactions, and then apply the blonde to the face. Hold 20 minutes and rinse with water. Bleached hair will become virtually invisible.
There are traditional methods of getting rid of facial hair. For example, you need to take green rind from three walnuts and dried. After this peel, you need to burn and add to the ashes, one teaspoon of water. Mixture stir well and remove in a glass vial. Apply the composition to the hair needs several times a day. Gradually you will notice that the hairs start to disappear. Be aware that when applying this method on the face can be dark spots that come off of the skin within a few days.
Another method: take a glass of boiled water and dissolve in a teaspoon of baking soda. Moisten a cotton pad and apply on your hairs. Fix it with adhesive plaster and leave the bandage on until morning. After 2-3 such procedures you will notice that the hairs start to fall off. After removing the compress be sure to lubricate the skin nourishing cream as well as soda can cause redness and peeling of the skin.
Experts advise not to shave unwanted facial hair, as they will grow more intensively, and because of blunt tip will appear more dense.

Advice 4: Antennae: how to get rid of them forever

Fashion dictates its own rules: a standard of female beauty is the lack of hair on many parts of the body, and only the appearance of a moustache is an obvious cosmetic defect, which get rid of the woman should be the sooner the better.
Antennae: how to get rid of them forever
If the hair on the upper lip too much, then before you delete them, you should visit your doctor. Specialists such as the gynecologist and the endocrinologist will conduct the necessary research and, if indicated, prescribe hormonal therapy.
At home treat with great care for the cream-cheese, even if they are created for delicate skin and have a sparing effect. Before first use, perform the scratch test: place the elbow apply a small amount of cream, and after some time rinse with water. If during the day did not appear symptoms such as flaking, irritation, redness of the skin, the cream can be used. In order to remove from the mustache, apply the cream on the problem areas, wait is specified in the statement the amount of time and a soft sponge to gently wash away the hair together with the remnants of the epilator. After the procedure, apply to the skin moisturizer for the face.
To manually tweeze a single, separately growing hairs, use tweezers. To ease the discomfort caused by the removal of hair for 5 minutes before plucking apply a hot compress, and after the procedure to relieve redness, use a cold. For this purpose quite suitable cotton swab dipped in cold water.
For hair hydrate conventional pharmaceutical 50% hydrogen peroxide: one part peroxide, add 10 parts of clean water. After the procedure, lighten the hairs become more brittle, that in the struggle with the moustache is a distinct advantage.
Use liquid wax because it is the most common way of getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Before applying to the skin, heat the wax on a steam bath to body temperature. With a spatula or trowel, apply a liquid substance on the skin and after cooling and solidification a quick jerk remove together with the hair in the opposite direction of their growth. Beware: a significant disadvantage of this method is its tenderness.
Contact the salon to the professionals to determine the best one for you a professional method of dealing with a mustache. During electrolysis a thin metal needle is inserted into the skin and into the hair follicle the electrical impulse, which destroys the ability of hair to grow in the future. Even electric hair removal and is accompanied by painful sensations, it gives a very long lasting effect of getting rid of the mustache. When using laser hair become softer and lose their color, because the laser beam destroys the pigment layer and destroys the follicles. The laser (or photo) hair removal will save you from a mustache, but if used incorrectly there is a risk of burns and stains on the delicate skin of the upper lip.
Whatever way of getting rid of mustache you choose, keep in mind that it is impossible to remove your unwanted hair once and for all during one procedure. Carefully select and use the appropriate method, and you will always conform to conventional standards of beauty and attractiveness.
Useful advice
Never use a razor! After shaving the hairs become thicker and instead of a light gun over the lip you may have a thick mustache. The same applies to machines for hair removal. When using the hair roots are injured, often leads to ingrown hairs. In this case, the problem of whiskers added another unpleasant cosmetic defect.

Advice 5: How to get rid of sinusitis permanently

Sinusitis often occurs as a result of the common cold, flu and other infectious diseases. Bacteria or viruses getting into the maxillary sinus, causing inflammation. In acute sinusitis felt mild swelling and heaviness near the bridge of the nose and upper jaw, and pain in the cheeks and forehead, swollen face. Sometimes patients concerned about the teeth. The temperature in acute sinusitis usually increases slightly, patient feels weakness and lethargy. Trigger an inflammation of the sinuses can sore throat, bronchitis or the flu. Sometimes sinusitis is manifested as a complication of infectious diseases — measles, scarlet fever, diphtheria.
How to get rid of sinusitis permanently
You will need
  • products with a high content of vitamin C and iron;
  • - vasoconstrictor drops;
  • - warming;
  • - drugs that relieve swelling;
  • - water-salt solution;
  • the syringe;
  • - bulbs of gladiolus;
  • - sea buckthorn oil or rose hips;
  • - aloe juice;
  • grass celandine;
  • - med;
  • pan.
Like any disease, sinusitis it is better to prevent than to cure. Knowing my susceptibility to colds, try to boost immunity. Enter in your diet foods rich in iron and vitamin C. like green apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, walnuts, potato, buckwheat and so on.
Take iron tablets and decoctions. Works fine broth of young walnut leaves. A tablespoon of leaves pour 1.5 cups of cold water, bring to boil and simmer on low heat for 15 minutes. Drink the broth three times a day a glass. Remember, improving immunity and strengthening the body — the surest way to get rid of sinusitis permanently.
If you still sick with sinusitis, try to get rid of the disease at an early stage. For this purpose it is enough therapy, anti-inflammatory (sulfonamides) and vasoconstrictor - "Galazolin" or "not effective", while on prescription can take drugs that relieve swelling of the nasal mucosa ("Help", "Tavegil").
If the disease started, there are effective, time-tested traditional medicines. Using them, you can avoid such unpleasant procedure as the puncture. Take a warm (36-40C) solution of water and salt, pour into the syringe, insert into the nostril that is less crowded, and sharply tap the syringe. The solution under pressure will begin to wash the pus. So to do 2-3 times for one treatment, two times per day. After an average of 3-4 days start to improve.
Effectively and permanently treat sinusitis with bulbs of the gladiolus. Take a small onion, peel, RUB on a small grater, and the resulting mixture is press the juice.
Dilute it with water in the ratio 1:2, pure juice can burn the nasal passages. Five drops to one instillation is sufficient. After the procedure, there would be some discomfort that you need to endure.
For acute and chronic sinusitis bury the nose 6-8 times a day dog rose or sea buckthorn oil. Boil water in a saucepan, pour 0.5 teaspoons 30%-alcohol tincture of propolis. Breathe steam over this pot, covered himself with a large towel.
Mix equal parts by volume of aloe juice, grass celandine and honey. Bury 3-5 times a day for 5-10 drops in each nostril.
With the threat of sinusitis refrain from taking milk and milk products. Many doctors and nutritionists believe that a cold turning into a sinus infection may occur from excessive use of milk, especially pasteurized, and foods that contain a lot of starch and sugar.
Remember - the sinusitis-prone fans to endure colds in the legs.

Advice 6: How to get rid of sore throat

Strep throat is a serious inflammation of the tonsils, which can lead to other intractable diseases. For example, kidney, heart and rheumatism, which brings a lot of trouble. Grasp your health and get rid of sore throats forever using simple techniques.
How to get rid of sore throat
You will need
  • - St. John's wort;
  • - propolis extract;
  • - Shilajit;
  • - melt water;
  • - formalin.
Take a tablespoon of dried and chopped herbs Hypericum pour a glass of fresh boiling water. Put to warm up for 15 minutes in a water bath. Turn off the heat and leave the broth for 40 minutes with the lid closed. Strain and add 40-60 drops of 10% alcoholic extract of propolis in a glass of decoction of Hypericum. Use the prepared composition for rinsing.
Shilajit will help to get rid of sore throats forever. Take 0.3 grams of Shilajit and put under the tongue and hold until dissolved. Then seize a tablespoon of honey. Try not to eat anything til after the procedure within two hours. Dissolve Shilajit once daily until complete recovery. Sore throat won't bother you anymore.
At the first sign of angina , sit down in the lion posture (on the knees, resting them palms, fingers stiff and splayed). Then exhale strongly and pull your tongue out of your mouth, try the pulled up to her chin. On the inhale push strongly language ago (before the advent of the gag reflex) and put your tip in your own root. Make as many of these repetitions and perform during the day, don't be lazy, because you want to banish a sore throat.
Start to harden, twice a day spill cold water. In the cold season take a warm shower first, and only then Oblates cool water. The meaning of the whole procedure is as follows: cold water must not significantly lower the temperature of your body, its task is to reach skin receptors to achieve a spasm of blood vessels, producing the massage of acupuncture points. Melt water with pieces of ice can cure a sore throat forever, you have to drink this water daily, in small SIPS.
A great way to treat chronic sore throats and tonsillitis – spraying warm warm one per cent solution of formalin on tonsils spray or rinse the throat. You can inhale the vapors of formalin from the bottle. This method will help to avoid removing the tonsils and deal with purulent tonsillitis.

Advice 7: How to get rid of HPV forever

A papilloma, or wart, is called neoplasm bodily or brown color anywhere on the human body. The reason for their appearance is the human papillomavirus, which is the body's most people. When the immune system is weakened, the virus begins to spread rapidly, and there are small growths on the skin.
How to get rid of HPV forever
Although the papilloma is benign, it still presents some risk and can deliver some inconveniences. There are many modern ways to treat this problem as medical facilities and people's ways.

Medical ways to get rid of warts

Currently, there is a good medical way of getting rid of the fungus papilloma from the inside. This medicinal complex aimed at the destruction of the virus and strengthen the immune system, which allows you to first remove the roots of the wart, and then the external growths.
Helps in this period, and diet with a high content of vitamins A, C and E.

Unfortunately, this method cannot be called rapid, complete recovery may take from a couple of months to six months.

To get rid of a wart fast, use electrocoagulation, laser removal and kriofarma, that is, the removal of warts using liquid nitrogen. Just keep in mind that all of these methods, although very effective, but can be somewhat painful and after application in some cases, even scars. Use them with caution, especially when it comes to children or sensitive skin.

Papilloma of the large size are removed surgically under local anesthesia. This way you can get rid of only external growths, so it is desirable to use in combination with medical treatment.

People's ways of getting rid of warts

The most effective folk remedy treatment of papilloma is a juice of celandine. For its preparation plant, chop, press juice, and start to evaporate it to create a thick extract. This supercatalog necessary to lubricate warts twice a day until their complete disappearance.

Gradually, the education will begin to dry, covered with a crust and flake. Some of the papilloma before the disappearance of a little swell. You shouldn't be afraid, opuhlyi view will gradually go away together with the wart. A full recovery may take several months.
Instead of juice of celandine, you can use a strong solution of potassium permanganate and the juice of the common dandelion.

If we are talking about how to get rid of the growth on the face or genital area, it is possible to use a more gentle compositions: aloe Vera or castor oil. These gentle products moisturize and nourish sensitive skin, while being lethal foe warts.

Advice 8: How to get rid of eczema forever

Eczema is an allergic condition that causes dryness of the skin and the appearance on her itchy spots. The treatment of this disease is usually done with the help of special medications. To get rid of it and natural remedies.
How to get rid of eczema forever


The first symptom of eczema is dry skin. To cope with it, often try to take a warm bath. Do not use hot water, it will only exacerbate the situation. Try to wash the skin gently, do not RUB it too hard. Use only natural soap. Pay to take these baths at least 15 minutes a day. To soothe the skin you can add water 1 Cup table salt or 2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia.

Apple cider vinegar

A rash occurring with eczema, we can derive by using Apple cider vinegar. Dilute 2 teaspoons of vinegar, 250 grams of water. To enhance the taste, you can add a little honey or use water instead of juice. Drink this solution in any quantity. Vinegar can be applied directly to the skin. Dilute it with water in equal proportions, moisten the swab and apply to the skin. In the early days you may feel some tingling, but it will disappear with the rash.

Natural oils

To ease the pain and fight the symptoms of eczema using coconut and linseed oil. Mix them in equal proportions and apply to the skin before bedtime. Before using this mixture the skin should be rinsed thoroughly and rid it of dead cells. Wipe it with a hot towel gentle circular motions, then dry thoroughly.


With eczema it is important to keep the skin moist. However, if such a disease appears in children, use different moisturizers and lotions unsafe, they contain a large number of stimuli. To replace these tools regular vaseline. Apply it twice a day after bath.


For deducing from an organism of harmful bacteria, probiotics are often used. They also help fight eczema. This is most often used probiotics are Lactobacillus GG. The best results they show in the treatment of eczema in children, especially if it is caused by food allergens.


A good remedy for the treatment of eczema are corticosteroids. However, applying them without consulting a doctor is impossible, they can cause other complications, such as stretching and atrophy of the skin. Depending on the severity of the disease you may be prescribed a variety of drugs. In milder forms of eczema usually administered ointment Hydrocortisone in severe forms of the Clobetasol.


With extremely severe eczema the doctors may prescribe treatment with different immunosuppressants. However, the intake of such drugs can lead to significant complications like skin cancer.
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