Before you stay on a specific way of removing unwanted facial hair, you should make sure that the reason for their appearance is not hormonal. If your hair grows quickly and is very thick in its structure, immediately contact a doctor for advice. A specialist will help you to determine the main reasons for the growth of whiskers and recommend solutions to problems.
Of course, it is not necessary to resort to tweezers, waxing, which is absolutely not suitable for individuals and various creams for hair removal. To deal with the hated mustaches have to go to the beauty salon. One of the most popular solutions – electrolysis. Specialist using a special thin needle penetrates the root of each hair and puts a small electrical current. The entire process of removing vegetation from the upper lip may take up to ten hours. The main thing – to find an experienced practitioner, as with poorly done electrolysis can form scars. Make sure that you are using a new needle.
Laser hair removal, exactly the same as electrolysis, will save you from antennae permanently over several sessions. Under the action of the laser root and hair follicle are destroyed, however, this method is more suitable to ladies with dark hair, for blondes, it is ineffective. Before going for the hair removal procedure, consult a dermatologist to determine if you are suitable for laser hair removal. The whole procedure takes a few minutes, verify the professionalism of the expert.
Photoepilation procedure is very similar to laser hair removal, but has a number of advantages and differences. This method removes not only dark but also light hairs from the face. Due to exposure to brief flashes of light on the hair follicles stops their growth. However, the procedure is expensive enough, the cost can reach several thousand roubles.