Consult gynecologist and go through all the necessary tests, especially an ultrasound and tests. Only then is it possible to establish the diagnosis and make a treatment plan that consists of different treatment and preventive measures. For example, it could be physiotherapy, enzyme, pelvic massage.
Take a course of physiotherapy, which will help to make the spikes more soft supple and thin. The good effect of such procedures will only when combined with other techniques.
On the advice of the doctor some time to drink the necessary medicines. Most suitable doctor will be offered on the basis of the presence of inflammatory processes and associated diseases. Quite often patients are prescribed proteolytic to aid in the digestion of some proteins, members of the adhesions. They are safe, as it does not affect healthy tissue.
Try to return the affected organs normal movement. To do this for 1-2 months of daily perform special exercises and having a massage in the abdominal area. To perform these exercises takes no longer than 10-15 minutes. Also recommended to undergo treatment by a specialist osteopath.
At the recommendation of a physician as additional techniques you can undergo mud treatments and a course of gynecological massage. With regard to the treatment of mud, the course consists of 6-12 procedures performed vaginally or rectally with use of gel made on the basis of therapeutic mud of the Dead sea.
If to speak about gynecologic massage, it is carried out after the end of menstruation. On this during the course of this massage must be carefully protected from pregnancy.