If you want to be surrounded by loyal friends, colleagues adequate, nice people, learn to appreciate those qualities of character in people, which are important for developing a productive relationship.

Honesty and openness

Open people should be valued for what they do not have to wait for a dirty trick. In the fellowship of honest people is much stronger than cunning and deceitful. From communications with the person insincere, arrogant, canny, can be seriously affected.

Sincere people are not capable of manipulation and provocation. They would not use others for their own purposes. With such nice individuals to deal in all spheres of life.


Attention some people focused solely on their own emotions. Others are more empathetic and understanding. Exactly such individuals can receive a portion of sympathy, valuable advice or wise response.

Appreciate those who know how to listen and hear. People who can look at the problem of your eyes, which possess the emotional strength to get into the situation of another person, worthy of respect.


Unfortunately, really good person can be found not so often. Appreciate those who in principle are not capable of making an act with malicious intent. People who have a soft heart and generous soul have become great friends.

These individuals can become role models and stimulus for spiritual growth. Their selfless acts of love and respect for other people, can cause others to think again, to stop to pull the blanket over himself, cursing and harm.


Cheerful, friendly people can't infect your mood and optimistic attitude to life. Not losing heart for nothing, individuals be a real sweetheart for friends and acquaintances.

Perhaps the Council appreciate my positive friends is superfluous. After all, surrounding ourselves drawn to this type of active, fun people.


Important quality, which should also be appreciate in people is intelligence. In this section you can include several concepts: intelligence, education, insight, wisdom, intelligence. With a person of wit and open-minded, can easily be the topic of conversation.

With erudite individual to easily discuss the artwork and pressing problems. In addition, such friends can be a motivator for personal growth and development of your abilities.