For the treatment of adhesions of the fallopian tubes, there are conservative and surgical methods of treatment. Conservative treatment of adhesions is based on resolving the action. Such therapy should be combined with anti-inflammatory treatment. Such treatment of adhesions can be more effective only at the initial stage of the disease. At this time the pains are irregular and not too intense, but passable fallopian tubes.
A very effective method of treatment of chronic inflammation and the associated development of adhesions is physical therapy. It includes a large number of different methods, you'll be gentle and mild effect. Physical treatments allow you to soften adhesions formed, to make them more elastic, which reduces or completely eliminates the pain, eliminates inflammation, improves functions of the body. Among physiotherapeutic techniques are widely used hirudotherapy – leech therapy, a very effective method of prevention and treatment of adhesions. While this method is perfectly combined with medication ways.
In that case, if the adhesive process is quite running, physical therapy can't help. However, to cure adhesions using laparoscopy surgery, the method of dissection. During this kind of treatment of adhesions, laparoscopy is performed as 3 small puncture in the abdominal wall. Through these "holes" introduced into the abdominal cavity of a special micro instruments and optical device with a video camera. The image from the camera is transmitted directly to the screen increases. With the help of microinstruments performs the operation of separating the adhesions and restoring patency of the fallopian tubes. The operation is performed in the hospital within 30-40 minutes. The patient can leave the clinic after surgery, within 1-2 days. Scars after laparoscopy is almost gone.