You will need
  • - Fabric-cotton – 1 m,
  • - Stripe or dense nonwoven interlining fabric 10 x 60 cm
Measure the volume of the head chefs measuring tape. Cut a fabric rectangle with a length equal to the measured volume of the head, width is 20 inches. Don't forget on all sides, add 1 inch for seams and ACC.
Fold the rectangle in half along the short side. Sew on the sewing machine seam, stepping back from the edge 1 see press open the seam with a hot iron, removing the edge of the seam to the side. The cylinder turn on the front side and fold it in half along the circumference. Insert inside the band or dense nonwoven interlining fabric, cut it in length on the value of the measured volume of the head. You now have a crown chef's cap.
Take the remaining piece of fabric and cut from it a circle with a radius of 35-39 inches. This is the top cap, which can sew crown in two ways.
For the first method, increase the maximum stitch width sewing machines and attrocity seam along the length of the entire circumference, departing from the edge 1 inch. Pull the bottom thread of the seam and priorite the top capand that the length ruched seam was equal to the volume of the head or the circumference of the crown. Sew the crown and the upper capand to each other. Trim the seam from the inside exactly and treat him with a serger or panel over the edge manually.
For the second method you will need a needle and thread. Sew cut a circle around the edge, creating large folds with a depth of 1-1,5 centimeter intervals along the length of the entire circumference. Calculate the final length of the weld was equal to the volume of the head. Then pristrochite the top capand the crown, cut and sewn inseam.