You will need
  • Fabric 50х70см; sewing machine
Draw the pattern of the cap on the paper as shown in the figure.Transfer the pattern to the fabric with a piece of soap or chalk sacrosidase. Cut out detail from the fabric, leaving a seam of 1.5 cm on each side.
How to sew a cap
Fold the finished part in half face to face. Sew it on the side seam. The seam sewn on the machine or manually. Remove the cap on the front side. The bottom of the hood bend and prostrochite. Can be inserted into a hem of a bottom of the elastic cap loosely so that it rested on the baby's head.
To the tip of the hood need to sew on the tassel. It can be made from paper or from yarn. Brush from the paper is done as follows: a strip of paper (20 x 7 cm) cut parallel to the stripes (not reaching the edges). Strips 0,5-1 see them Roll into a tight tube and secure with tape or string. A tassel of yarn how: on the cardboard square-shaped wrap yarn (the more yarn, the more magnificent the will brush). Tie one side of the resulting beam thread, and on the other hand cut with scissors.