The sports section is required in every city, but with the choice of sport should be careful: it is unlikely that in small and not very financially secure town it makes sense to access a section of tennis. When choosing a sport to determine what is in especially high demand in a particular city and for whom will be calculated your section (for children or adults, on all or only on affluent segments of the population). Also, consider whether you teach classes or hire trainers, remaining founder.
Clarifying the points made above, enjoy a selection of premises under section. To the room, especially if it's a children's section must be easily accessible. To open a section for students, you can negotiate with the Director of the nearest school for the hire of the hall. In this case, you will be immediately and comfortable room, and customers. The adult section of better access in areas far from the business streets, so that people could exercise after work.
Depending on the sport you will need to equip the room. Often, this means that the room will have to do the repair, because not all have the required floor covering it is not possible to install the necessary equipment.
Even before the repair can start looking for potential clients through friends, the Internet, just by posting ads on porches of nearby houses. As a rule, to exercise or to give children in sports section want many, but not everyone has the time and money. Setting a relatively low price compared to other similar sections can be quite successful to recruit more than one group wishing to visit the section.
Match groups of customers depending on age and level of athletic training. Children's groups, usually formed only by age. If your adult section, emphasis is done on the physical abilities and athletic training, are grouped in a group of only elderly people. Group sizes depend on the type of sport that you have to offer and the size of the room.
Register sports section in the form of commercial and non-profit organizations. The first is the limited liability company - LLC. Suitable types of non-profit organizations are many: it is a public organization, and non-profit partnership. Nonprofit organizations often enjoy certain tax advantages, so the section is more profitable to create them. Registration of non-profit organizations is through the territorial bodies of justice, and commercial - through tax authorities.