You will need
  • premises;
  • simulators;
  • - sports equipment.
First of all, decide for yourself how your future gym will look like: how many visitors it will be, what customer needs it will meet, what will be its main audience.
Consider the overall concept of the sports club: complete gym designed for women, will be slightly different from the hall for men. In the first case, the most popular will be to use weights in the second, increased interest will cause the dumbbells, stacked weight which should reach up to 100 pounds.
Equipping a gym, remember to put a rack for the duty instructor. Place for her to choose from so that there was a good view of the whole room.
If you are going to make a gym with cardio equipment, one should be concerned about additional electrical capacity. Also, a room should be equipped with continuous forced air ventilation and conditioning. It is best to solve these issues with the help of experienced engineers.
Speaking directly to the gym, then the hotel must include the following: exercise bike (for warm up of all body muscles and workouts), horizontal adjustable bench (used for both strength exercises and gym), strength exercises (dumbbell must be purchased with the stamp and the ability to control weight). Further accessories depends entirely on your financial capabilities. However, cardio is better not to save: this equipment is to purchase only from reliable brands.
It is very important to properly distribute the equipment in the gym. Classic is the division of the hall into three main areas: cardio equipment, free weights and stretching areas.
It is desirable to equip a gym with mirrors. So visitors will be able to monitor the correctness of their movements, moreover, mirrors are a good motivational moment, forcing to pay more attention to improve their body.