Registration for the fitness club should collect the package of permits. Determine method of registration: individual enterprise or the limited liability company. By registering an LLC, you must have the authorized capital in the amount of 10000 rubles and articles of Association, which is not required if the sole proprietorship. Start your activities produce documents issued by Rospotrebnadzor on the basis of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions, which establish the compliance of the sports center of sanitary-technical norms.
Choose the venue for the organization of a fitness club with an area of not less than 200 square meters. You can enter into a long term lease with right to repurchase.
Buy fitness equipment and sports equipment. In order to save money to buy used equipment, but they must be well-restored.
Make indoor repairs. Buy a mirror, arrange the locker room with lockers, shower room equip. If you leased the area, it is possible to equip a room to conduct the massages.
Enjoy a selection of staff. Find out the qualification of the employees, as they represent the "face" of your health club and form an opinion about the services. For conducting the financial Affairs you'll need an accountant, for training sports instructors. Also, the state needs to be an administrator, security guard and needed a massage therapist.
To attract customers poreklamirovat your sports centre. The instruments can be very different from the bright signs above the entrance to the ground in mailboxes advertising materials to the fitness club. In the lobby at the reception Desk you can put a stack of business cards so that clients could take with them.
Develop a pricing policy taking into account the activities of potential competitors nearby sports centers. Possible price of monthly ticket to visit without restrictions may be 3000 rubles.