Decorate the sports hall of the school with all hygienic requirements, for this study the SANPIN. Room should be well lit, ventilated and with benign flooring. Close the Windows with mesh to during ball games were not broken glass.
The sportshall, it is not difficult to guess, is the dynamics and play, vivid images and rapid movement. You first need to create atmosphere of healthy competition and striving for achievement. In this case, perfectly suited to a variety of information stands, especially if these stands will have the original form will be appropriate graffiti. By the way, information boards, dedicated to sports, fit perfectly into the existing system of sports education. For decoration of the sportshalland the school should also have posters about sports, especially those devoted to the popular and favorite sports of the students.
Equip one of the walls in the halland a climbing wall with a rope. On the floor lay the Mat not less than 20 cm in height.
One corner of the sports halland will be dedicated to sports awards and school photos of children, which these awards have achieved. Install Cabinet with plastic machines and dim lighting. Be sure to consider the mounting system floor-2 walls or floor-ceiling.
In the modern sports hallOh requires the presence of mirrors. And this should not necessarily be a large mirror. The presence of a mirrored wall for the school sportshalland sufficient. The mirror will visually increase the volume of the room. And the children will be able to control the correct execution of the movements given by the teacher. To avoid the likely threat of glass breaking, the mirror can be placed at a certain height and at an angle. Use polymer mirrors of artificial glass, they are not beats.
Paint the walls in two colors is depressing. Arrange a school competition, and the children themselves will offer you a lot of options to design the walls of the sportshall.