Advice 1: How to achieve a good stretch

Flexible body allows a person to achieve the best results in life. This also applies to the ability to be nimble on the physical level, and ability to be flexible to different life situations on a mental level. People plastic which is like water, feels healthy and full of vitality.
How to achieve a good stretch
To reach you at home and in the gym with an instructor. If knowledge about the minimal stretching you and stretching you want good, start with finding a good instructor. The instructor will teach you the main point, that it is almost impossible to understand, stretching himself. He will learn to feel the moments when you should stretch, despite the pain, and when to stop in order to preserve the integrity of the ligaments and mobility.
Never stretch it out without warming up of muscles. This madness can only afford professionals. Dry, unprepared ligaments and muscles can be easily injured. But the recovery will be long and weary waiting. Those who have been engaged, feels the reaction of the body.
Workout want the common as to other classes (fitness, dance, aerobics, tai-Bo). The duration should be 10-15 minutes. Do active movement - jump, run, do the arm swing from the shoulders, the elbows, make a "twist". Does not begin very sharply, gradually increasing the force and pace. You should feel like your muscles have warmed up.
Even if you find yourself a newcomer among those without problems the splits, continue to stretch. Looking at others, you will understand what should be sought, and stretching will go faster. And the sky's the limit.
During the stretch pass internal gaze on the part of the body which pull. Relax, give the body the right to move wherever it will go. Any tension (even mental) binds this movement. So relax everything, even the brain and the muscles of the face.
On the exhale, the body can move a few centimeters or millimeters. Don't squeeze out of the body impossible, just every time try to move at least a millimeter more. But if not, don't press on the body: he, too, can experience different States.
Study regularly. Only in this case your banner will be closer to the desired. However if you have a good stretch to restore it after the break is quite real.
After class with the instructor you will be able to perform stretching at home. To do this, pick a calm, "stretching" the music. Tune in to the stretch, dropping all thoughts. Let the body and the music lead you.
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Now classes are stretching quite popular, as they are called stretching.

Advice 2: How to have a good stretch

A good stretch of the muscles needed for many sports. Even if you do not do it professionally, exercises to improve the flexibility of your joints will help you feel better. It is desirable to perform them on a daily basis to get good result.
How to have a good stretch
You will need
  • - gym;
  • - Mat;
  • - Swedish wall;
  • partner.
Warm up the muscles before stretching. It is not recommended to do special exercises if you have not kneaded the body. You can very easily get injured or strained tendons. The ideal option is a little jog for 10 minutes. If you can not jog, roll Hoop or jump rope the same time.
Follow the slopes to the feet. Make them from two positions: standing and sitting. First, stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Try to touch your fingers to the floor. Try to get to three imaginary points: far from the legs, under the legs and behind them. Avoid painful sensations.
Then sit on the floor and try to do this exercise, only touching the toes of both legs and the middle. In the end try to pull up until chest touches the floor. Your task – to hold in this position for 10-15 seconds. Gradually increase this time. And you will soon be surprised how the increased stretching of the muscles.
Do an imitation of the splits. Put one foot forward as far as possible, bending your knee. Second – take as before. Do moderate jiggle up and down. Again, ensure that the muscle pain was not strong. Make the switch and repeat the exercise. Gradually to ensure that the thrusts became deeper. Over time, you will be able to sit on polyspast and the splits.
Use the Swedish wall or a rack. Put one foot on the beam in front of the body. Do dynamic tilts down and to the wall 20 times in each direction. Then switch legs. This is a very effective exercise will help to get a good stretchingif performed constantly.
Stretch the muscles together with a partner. This will be the most productive option, because the self is not always possible to do our best. For example, ask in the sitting position a little to push you in the back when you make the slopes to the feet. In addition, you can put your feet on the shoulders of the partner and to perform the tilting in different directions, like from the wall.
All stretching should be dynamic and be performed no less than 20-25 times. And only at the end is static, focusing on more than 10 seconds. However, batch load by feel.
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