You will need
  • Adobe Illustrator
Vector graphics are ideal for simple or composite drawings that do not require realism. The process of translating a raster image to vector is called tracing. Any raster image can be traced in a vector, but the result will directly depend on its quality. For translation usually use the image with very clear margins and the absence of a large number of compound colors. To create a vector image preferably in specialized vector packages such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Paint Shop Pro, or CorelDRAW.
Download the Adobe Illustrator program and install it. Run the program. you will see a window with work space. Open the "File" tab and select "Open" and add the bitmap you want to work with. The program has different options for the vectorization, the choice of a particular variant of the trace depends on the complexity of the original image, the required quality and many factors.
To select the desired option, open the tab "Object", there select "Quick trace". Before you open the menu. If you need to adjust the settings, click on the option "trace Settings". In the opened window you can select the style track instead of "default style"). If you are working with a simple image or logo, style "6 colors", for more complex illustrations - "16 colors". If you will trace a photo, then, depending on the required quality vector images, you will need styles Picture is low quality and high quality". You can also configure the color mode, image blurring and other trace settings. To observe the changes, check the box under "Preview". After setting the parameters for further work save own style by clicking the option "Save style".
Click "Trace" and obtain the required vector image.