You will need
  • Software Corel Draw.
Operating systems of the Windows family there is one rule – to install fonts for any program, simply add them to your system folder. Therefore, especially for a program Corel Draw fonts cannot be installed, they will appear in all programs, which is a big plus.
First of all, select the fonts you want to add. If you have a few new fonts, their collection can be replenished at one of the sites that are offering fonts. Click the following link On the page you can see the information that it includes about 70 thousand fontsthat can not but rejoice.
Initially select a category of fonts or use the search form if you know the names of the fontsthat you need. For example, you need Cyrillic fonts. On the main page, go to the block "Categories" and click "Cyrillic".
On the download page, select the font and click on his picture. You will automatically transfer to the watch page for that font. If you're satisfied, go to block of the download font (the inscription "to download the font"), in the blank field enter the numbers and letters shown in the image, and press the Enter key. Thus you can make the download of a large number of fonts.
After the desired number of fonts have been copied, proceed to install them. Click "start menu" and select "control Panel". In the opened window, double-click "Fonts".
Now click the top menu "File" and select "Install font". You will see the window in the "Folder" button to specify the location of the directory where the new fonts (with Windows Explorer).
In the upper block of the "List of fonts" should be displayed in all fonts. Select them by pressing the button "Select all", then click "OK".
Run the program Corel Draw to view the newly installed files fonts.