You will need
  • - Adobe Type Manager.
Download on your PC special the font Manager. Such programs quite a lot, one of the most popular among them is Adobe Type Manager ( in this case, to install fonts in the "Illustrator" is better for it). In addition it has also been widely used program X-Fonter, Font Navigator, Suitcase, and other. There is also a selection of different plug-ins for viewing fonts in the file Manager Total Commander.
Read reviews from users of a particular utility and select a suitable option. Boot the program from the official website of the developer. Do not download programs from questionable sites and file sharing, they may contain viruses and Trojans.
Install the program by following the steps in the setup menu. Please note that some programs require registration, some of them are not free. Launch the app and familiarise yourself with its interface. If needed, download crack. Install the fonts in the program "Illustrator" from the menu Manager.
If you are not using Adobe Illustrator, but other programs that require a font Manager, install additional alternative programs in addition to Adobe Type Manager, because each of the managers has its advantages and disadvantages, different manifested while performing different tasks.
Even when working in "Illustratore" you can use third-party software because often, even in the most appropriate program may not be convenient and applicable to this case settings and functions. Managers fonts weigh a little bit, so 2 or 3 of the program will not take up too much hard disk space.