Advice 1: How to freeze strawberries

Rich sweet taste and delicate aroma of ripe strawberries are easy to preserve by freezing. Frozen strawberries are great for pies, cakes, smoothies, mousses, and as an additive to the portion of morning porridge. There are at least five different ways to preserve strawberries by using freezing, and they all start with what you need to take whole berries, wash them in ice water and separate the stem. Then the strawberries dry on a paper towel and only then it is ready for further processing.
How to freeze strawberries
You will need
    • strawberry
    • sugar
    • honey
    • containers for freezing products
    • zip packages
Sweet chopped frozen clubdicecasino cut into quarters and place in a bowl. For each quart of strawberries, put ¾ Cup of sugar. Wait until strawberries will allocate juice, and it will dissolve all the sugar. Put the strawberries into containers for freezing. Strawberry weight should not occupy more than ¾ of the volume. Before you remove the container in the fridge, several times, gently shake it. A berry good for juice, cream, mousse, jelly. Don't forget to subtract from the recipe the sugar, which it already is.
Shredded unsweetened frozen will lubricantrelated strawberries in a blender. Place the strawberry puree into portioned containers and freeze. This strawberry is perfect for any recipe where you need a fresh strawberry puree.
Chilled strawberries in sugar seropositivos why pour strawberry cold syrup? Than this method differs from the jam? Why not process the strawberries to the hot syrup as familiar? The fact that during heat treatment the berries lose the lion's share of the valuable vitamin C. Boil the syrup from a Cup of sugar and three glasses of water. This amount of syrup is enough for a pint of strawberries. Cool the syrup and put half an hour in the fridge. Cut berries into quarters, fill the containers, so that they took no more than ¾ of the volume. Cover berries with cooled syrup and store in the refrigerator.
Chilled strawberry medwatch a recipe is just a variant of the previous one. Instead of cups of sugar used glass flower, Linden or acacia honey. Don't forget that honey is to mix directly with warm water.
Will klubnichnaja frozen whole strawberries on the baking sheet or on boards covered with baking paper. Berries at the distance of half an inch from each other. Put the berries in the freezer for a period of 2 to 4 hours. Remove the berries and fold gently into the zip packages of them releasing excess air. For each batch, mark the date of freezing.
Frozen strawberries are safe to eat for years after being frozen, but somewhere in six months the berries may lose their colour, structure and taste.
Useful advice
If you have washed and cleaned a large number of strawberries, remember that it must be frozen within three hours after treatment.

Advice 2 : How to freeze strawberries

Strawberry – bright berry, it keeps the taste of summer sun. The best way to preserve the flavor and beneficial properties of strawberries until the spring is freezing.
How to freeze strawberries
You will need
  • - sieve;
  • - kitchen towel;
  • plastic bags;
  • - a tray (cutting Board);
  • - freezer;
  • container;
  • - blender;
  • - sugar.
To freeze whole berries, you must first sort the strawberries. Select an undamaged and ripe berries, gently rinse the strawberries under running cool running water. Then place it in a sieve to drain liquid.
Put the clean berries on a kitchen towel and wait until they dry out (if you freeze at once, the strawberries will be watery taste).
The tray (cutting Board) place plastic bag or wrap it with cling film. This measure will not allow the berries to freeze to the surface of the Board. Spread the strawberries on a tray so that some berries do not touch each other. Put the Board in freezer for a few hours.
Then carefully bulk frozen strawberries in a package or plastic container. Now it can be removed in the freezer for further storage. These berries are perfect for baking, decorating pastry and cocktails.
You can also freeze pureed strawberries. Clean and dry berries loop in a blender or food processor and add the ground sugar to taste. Pour the blank into a container and tightly close it. Store mashed strawberries in the freezer.

Advice 3 : How to freeze strawberries for the winter: subtleties, nuances and recipes

If you have a good freezer, you can keep the taste, flavor, shape and use strawberries for a long time. You also need to carefully choose the berries. Frozen strawberries can be used for cooking pastries, compotes, jellies, cocktails. It is good in itself.
How to freeze strawberries for the winter: subtleties, nuances and recipes


Frozen strawberries: how to pick berries

To freeze strawberries, it is important to carefully choose the berries. Otherwise, when you defrost you will get a cloudy jelly with unappealing taste and color, not Zelenka beautiful and delicious berries. You should not choose to freeze perespevshey strawberries. It should be moderately ripe, dense and firm, not withered and watery.

For harvesting strawberries in winter to collect berries in hot and definitely not raining. It is desirable that a couple of days before the collection was not rain, then the berries will be more delicious. Better to give preference to small strawberries - it is well promarijuana.

Frozen strawberries: preparation of berries

There is a perception that strawberries before freezing wash. The supporters of this idea believe that the washed strawberries lose their flavor. If you believe in the purity of the berries can be frozen unwashed. So you can do with homemade berry. However, many doctors believe that washing strawberries - elementary hygiene. It's important to do it as fast as possible so the berries are not engorged with water.

Rinse the strawberries in small portions, but the water it does not regret. It should be cool. Wash the berries gently, not to damage their delicate skin.

Washed strawberries preferably placed in a sieve made of plastic. In it, the faster water will drain from the berries. Do not place the berries in a metal cookware in contact with her strawberries can change color - slightly darker.

Drain and carefully remove the stalk. If you are planning to freeze berries whole, should not be deleted. Without them, strawberries will immediately release the juice and lose shape.

Lay the berries on a paper towel in a single layer so that they do not touch each other. In this position, they must spend at least one hour. During this time the berries will well dry out.

Freezing berries: preparation of dishes

To freeze strawberries it is best in plastic dishes: trays for ice cream, disposable containers, you can even use plastic bottles. The latter should be pre-cut.

Strawberries do not tolerate re-freezing, so it is better to divide it into small portions that will definitely be able to master at one time. Utensils for freezing should be well washed and dried.

You can use plastic bags, but plastic in the cold it becomes very brittle and may break during storage.

Freezing whole strawberries

Wrap a plastic bag cutting Board or soroku plate. Place one layer of washed and dried berries on the whole plane. Place them in the freezer and leave for a day to strawberry grabbed.

Remove the berries from the freezer, remove them with the package so that the strawberries were inside. Place the packets of berries in the freezer now for long-term storage. This method is good because the berries in these portion packs do not stick together and do not spoil its shape.

How to freeze strawberries with sugar

Berries with sugar will give a bit of juice in the freezing process, but after thawing they will remain the same as prior to placement in the freezer - bright and fresh.

Take 1 kg of strawberries, about 300g of sugar. It is advisable to transform it into powder by using a grinder or a blender. Place the prepared berries in a plastic basin and pour each layer with powdered sugar. Put the strawberries in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. The berries should let the juice. Then transfer them together with the undissolved sugar into the container and pour the juice.

Advice 4 : How to freeze strawberries

Strawberries — tasty and useful berry, fruiting period which falls in summer. Berries purchased in the store, have unexpressed taste and overpriced, besides their growing use harmful chemicals. The best way is to freeze fresh strawberries, whole or in jams at home.
Frozen strawberries - a perfect preparation for the winter
To freeze strawberries, to preserve its wonderful taste and aroma, it is necessary to properly gather the berries and prepare them for the freezing process.

Preparing the strawberries for freezing

Best time for picking strawberries from their garden — in the morning before the dew, when the berries are as flavorful and dry. It is not recommended to collect the strawberries during extreme heat or after a rain, then the berries are tasteless and crumbly.

Collected strawberries better not to wash, you can blow using a hair dryer. The berries must be frozen within 3 hours after collection, because at this time the strawberry is a protective film, which prevents the formation of viruses and bacteria.

If you overexpose the strawberries more than 3 hours or purchased on the market, be sure to wash the berries. Ensure that the water is glass and the berries dry.

Then try: remove the stems, separate the rotten and soft strawberries and berries with spots. You are now ready to freeze.

Freeze dry strawberry

You will need:
- fresh strawberries;
- food film tray;
- special containers and plastic bags;
- freezer, refrigerator.

Clean and dry berries of medium size, lay in a single layer on a tray or cooking foil and place in the freezer for 1.5-2 hours. During this time the berries will freeze and become solid.

Remove the strawberries from the refrigerator, put in special containers or plastic bags and put in the freezer, designed for storage of fruit and vegetables. If you use plastic bags for freezing, then before you put the bag in the refrigerator, remove all the air and tie.

Winter thawed the berries, put in ice cream, filling for cakes, to make strawberry juice, juice and add to smoothies or tea. Keep in mind that you need to thaw only the amount of berries that you are going to use. Re-frozen strawberries will lose its appearance and taste.

Frozen strawberry whole with sugar

You will need:
- 1 kg of fresh strawberries;
- 200 g of sugar;
- a special container for freezing (containers);
- freezer, refrigerator.

To freeze a whole use fresh strawberries, which was not soft or overripe. After preparing the strawberries put it in a special container and pour the sugar on top of the following calculation: 1 kg of berries need to take 200 grams of sugar. Cover the container with a lid and send the berries in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Freezing strawberries in a jam

Jam prepared from fresh strawberries, it doesn't need cooking. You will need:
- fresh strawberries;
- sugar;
- blender;
- special containers, glass jars, plastic bags;
- freezer, refrigerator.

Take the right amount of strawberry, peel, wash and dry naturally. To determine the right ratio of strawberries and sugar is possible according to the following pattern: 400 g of berries, you need 100 g of sugar.

Place the strawberries in a blender, add the sugar and whisk until smooth, then put the strawberries in special containers, glass jars or plastic bags (optional), and then send in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Strawberry jam is beautifully kept throughout the year, you can add it to the filling for pies, pancakes with honey, etc.
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