You will need
    • strawberry
    • sugar
    • honey
    • containers for freezing products
    • zip packages
Sweet chopped frozen clubdicecasino cut into quarters and place in a bowl. For each quart of strawberries, put ¾ Cup of sugar. Wait until strawberries will allocate juice, and it will dissolve all the sugar. Put the strawberries into containers for freezing. Strawberry weight should not occupy more than ¾ of the volume. Before you remove the container in the fridge, several times, gently shake it. A berry good for juice, cream, mousse, jelly. Don't forget to subtract from the recipe the sugar, which it already is.
Shredded unsweetened frozen will lubricantrelated strawberries in a blender. Place the strawberry puree into portioned containers and freeze. This strawberry is perfect for any recipe where you need a fresh strawberry puree.
Chilled strawberries in sugar seropositivos why pour strawberry cold syrup? Than this method differs from the jam? Why not process the strawberries to the hot syrup as familiar? The fact that during heat treatment the berries lose the lion's share of the valuable vitamin C. Boil the syrup from a Cup of sugar and three glasses of water. This amount of syrup is enough for a pint of strawberries. Cool the syrup and put half an hour in the fridge. Cut berries into quarters, fill the containers, so that they took no more than ¾ of the volume. Cover berries with cooled syrup and store in the refrigerator.
Chilled strawberry medwatch a recipe is just a variant of the previous one. Instead of cups of sugar used glass flower, Linden or acacia honey. Don't forget that honey is to mix directly with warm water.
Will klubnichnaja frozen whole strawberries on the baking sheet or on boards covered with baking paper. Berries at the distance of half an inch from each other. Put the berries in the freezer for a period of 2 to 4 hours. Remove the berries and fold gently into the zip packages of them releasing excess air. For each batch, mark the date of freezing.