Strawberry contains a lot of useful acids. One of them, folic acid positively affects the nervous system. Salicylic acid has a good antipyretic and diaphoretic properties, it also promotes blood thinners. A lot of this berry, and oxalic acid, which acts as an additional energy source in the body. Strawberry enough iron, potassium and vitamin C. the content of the latter it is second only to the currants. Despite this, the strawberries will easily eliminate the effects of seasonal vitamin deficiency.

The berry is replete with glucose, which acts in our body as a primary source of energy for metabolism and activate it. So, consuming strawberries helps rejuvenate the body and lowering weight.

The inclusion of this berry in the diet would have a beneficial effect on the intestinal flora: the use of strawberries will reduce the symptoms of dysbiosis. It will easily connect and display from the body of numerous toxins, heavy metals and other harmful substances. People with kidney problems, you can safely include in your diet strawberries, because it has a diuretic effect, better than any drugs.

This berry is widely used in home cosmetology. From it make a wonderful mask for the face, with whitening and moisturizing effect.

However, all is not so rosy. It must be remembered that strawberry is quite a serious allergen. Its porous surface capable of accumulating large amounts of pollen, making it dangerous for those prone to allergies. Despite the benefits, strawberries should be consumed in reasonable quantities.