The advantages of freezing

Long can store any products — berries, fruits, mushrooms, vegetables. And if to be more precise, frozen with them, nothing terrible will happen during the year. Minerals and vitamins are saved.

Frozen berries, fruits, vegetables, no sugar, no preservatives and salt, which cannot be said about the canned presets.

Preparing for freezing

Products before freezing it is necessary to rinse well with water. Pay special attention to root vegetables and forest mushrooms.

Before process of freezing the workpiece a good dry. It is possible for this purpose to use paper napkins or towels. What will land frozen product, the better it will freeze.

If freeze fresh herbs to hot dishes and soups, do so in portions, in a finely chopped condition.

Products can be boiled, can not do this — as you like. In General products it is possible to put some light heat treatment. Just don't forget before freezing them to cool to room temperature.

What is better to freeze

A versatile option for today is the plastic bag. This is especially handy for those whose freezer is not too big in volume. In packs you can store different kind of meats, mixtures of vegetables, solid food.

To freeze soft vegetables, mushrooms, berries and fruits, you can use plastic containers. If the product deforms easily, choose a storage containers that is.

To freeze the broth and puree, use plastic bottles. Try making a puree of gooseberries, currants, strawberries, strawberries. Can add to taste honey or sugar. Puree pour into the bottle, screw the cap on and place in the freezer. When you decide to use the product, remove it and hold it for 20 minutes at room temperature. You can add natural yoghurt, cereals, muesli, puree.

For long term storage not suitable glass and metal. Unlike plastic, they overreact to changes in temperature.