Advice 1: How to thaw strawberries

Strawberry is a great dessert, a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and super tasty berry. Unfortunately, this product is strictly seasonal, and in January to treat yourself to fresh strawberries will not work. Except that having neither taste nor smell – from the supermarket. The way to use frozen. With proper defrosting it slightly inferior to fresh.
Strawberries - delicious and healthy treat
You will need
  • - strawberry;
  • - deep dish.
Before purchasing, please read carefully the information on the package of berries. It should be stated that before you is a product of freezing. Only in this way, the berries retain up to 90% of the contained nutrients.
The best kind of unfreezing of the strawberry is aging at room temperature for several hours. Of course, pre-packaging of berries should be cut open and pour them in a bowl with high sides (for example, a container of food-grade plastic).
Some Housewives thawed fruits and berries under running hot water. After this treatment, vitamins in strawberries will not remain. The same goes for defrosting in a microwave oven.
Accidentally defrosted berries it is urgent to use. Re-freezing they are not. Of partially thawed strawberries you can make great berry desserts. For example, the chopped berries in a blender, spilling the berry mixture over kremanku and garnish with leaves of fresh mint.
Useful advice
If berries for pie, they should be defrosted in advance, and then pour the sugar and drain juice. While putting some on the tart juicy fruits and berries dusted with starch to cake is not leaking.

Advice 2 : How long can you keep frozen berries

In recent years more and more Housewives prefer in the winter to freeze the berries and store them in the freezer. This is not surprising, because in this way the berries are almost do not lose its original appearance, but also retain maximum flavor and vitamins.
How long can you keep frozen berries

Before freezing the berries is required to sort and remove debris and poor quality fruit. Then berries should be washed (if they are collected from your site, and when growing they are not subjected to chemical treatments, then you can skip this step), and then dried, laid out on cotton fabric in single layer and leave for 30-40 minutes in a ventilated area.

After the berries are dry, they need to be put in special bags or containers for freezing, airtight package, place in the freezer Department separately from other products (especially sea, for example, fish). After the work done you want to turn the freezer to a minimum temperature approximately a couple of hours. This way the berries freeze quickly and will retain the maximum amount of vitamins.

For the freeze lost in the form of berries, for example, a bit of mashed fruit of cherries, of which extracted the bone, you can use "sweet" method of freezing. Berries need to roll in powdered sugar or sand, to wait to separate the juice, then put them in containers and freeze at a minimum temperature of the freezer. This method of freezing allows not only to maintain the shape of the berries, but also to accentuate their taste in future applications.

As for the shelf life of frozen berries, many types, for example bilberry, cranberry, cherry, cherry, Aronia, can be stored for years at temperatures from -8 to -12 degrees, but raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, blueberries - only seven or eight months. Do not expose the freezing red and white currants, all kinds of grapes, as freezing adversely affects their taste.

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