You will need
  • - strawberry;
  • - deep dish.
Before purchasing, please read carefully the information on the package of berries. It should be stated that before you is a product of freezing. Only in this way, the berries retain up to 90% of the contained nutrients.
The best kind of unfreezing of the strawberry is aging at room temperature for several hours. Of course, pre-packaging of berries should be cut open and pour them in a bowl with high sides (for example, a container of food-grade plastic).
Some Housewives thawed fruits and berries under running hot water. After this treatment, vitamins in strawberries will not remain. The same goes for defrosting in a microwave oven.
Accidentally defrosted berries it is urgent to use. Re-freezing they are not. Of partially thawed strawberries you can make great berry desserts. For example, the chopped berries in a blender, spilling the berry mixture over kremanku and garnish with leaves of fresh mint.