Advice 1: How to freeze fruits, vegetables and berries

Rich harvest is a joy for any gardener, but it is also a problem, because I want to save every grown fruit, vegetable or berry. Part of the crop can be eaten fresh, used to prepare jams and pickles, and part may be frozen. The main thing – to do it right, not to get a result without a sticky wad of flavor and aroma.
How to freeze fruits, vegetables and berries


How to freeze berries and fruits

Fruits and berries can be frozen whole or in slices, in pure form, in syrup, pureed, or dusted with sugar. Purees can be made from peaches, because otherwise they lose vitamin C and can darken with age. Peaches keep well in the freezer if they fill with syrup. If the fruit is still in its natural form, it is recommended before freezing, to remove his skin and a few minutes of soaking in acidulated lemon water. Plums and apricots can be frozen by any method, removing the bone. Pears need to be cut into 4 pieces, and after core removal it is recommended to blanch a few minutes in sugar water. The best way to store pears in syrup.

Strawberries and raspberries can pour the sugar (150 g of sugar 1 kg of strawberries and 300 g of sugar per 1 kg of raspberry). Of strawberries before freezing to remove the stem.

All small berries (blueberries, currants, blackberries, blueberries) can be frozen in any way, but not necessarily removing twigs. The cherries and cherries frozen with pits or without, these fruits are convenient to freeze and puree, which can be used for compotes, pie fillings or fruit fillings.

How to freeze vegetables

Convenient option of freezing peppers with matryoshka. To do this, remove the core and stems, and then put the peppers in a single one. If pepper is desired for stews, it is better to chop it into pieces.

Tomatoes for freezing best to choose not very large – cherry, plum or finger. And large better to make tomato puree, which is ideal for cooking pasta or soups.

Cucumbers freeze rarely, choosing only a very small and sturdy.

Before freezing broccoli and cauliflower, cabbages need to parse into florets and soak in salt water for 20-30 minutes and then drop into boiling water for just a few minutes. After the blossoms have cool, obsushite paper towel and immediately send in the freezer on a tray or baking sheet. Once the cabbage freezes, it can shift in containers or packages.

Eggplant pre-cut slices and sprinkle with salt, went to the bitterness (it will take approximately 20-30 minutes). In some cases the eggplant first baked, removing the stalk and cleaning the peel and then freeze – in this case, the vegetable can be used in winter for cooking eggs or salads.

Green peas are frozen immediately after harvest, so it retains vitamins. To freeze the peas the best one layer, pre-dropping in boiling water for a few minutes, letting it cool and dry. In this case, it will not stick together.

All vegetables, fruits and berries is recommended to freeze in portions, because after defrost return the unused portion in the freezer will not work.

Advice 2: How to freeze cherries

In modern cooking cherry is not the last place. It is possible to cook milk soup, cream, dumplings, sauces, compotes and many other dishes. Cherries used as a dietary product, improves digestion, quenches thirst. It has expectorant, antiseptic and a light laxative effect. How to prepare it for the winter, to preserve all useful properties? The optimal solution is freeze.
How to freeze cherries
You will need
    • cherry;
    • plastic containers;
    • the colander;
    • towel;
    • knife;
    • freezer.
Buy cherries or assemble it on your site.
Sort the collected fruit. Cherries for freezing should be ripe. Remove all damaged and rotten and overripe berries. Remove all debris and stems.
Place the berries in a large pot, completely cover them with cold water. Wash the berries, gently rubbing them with your hands.
Pull the cherry out of the water with your hands and place it in a colander. In this case, all the dirt washed from the cherries and settled to the bottom, will remain in the pot. Allow to drain water remaining on the berries.
Arrange cherries in a single layer on a clean Terry towel. Wait for complete drying of the berries.
Fold the cherries in a plastic container. Note that re-freezing berries is invalid. Freeze them in such portions, which in winter can be used at a time.
If you want cherries, pitted, remove it from the washed and dried berries with a knife or a special device. Cherries , pitted put in containers.
Close the container lid and place in the freezer at the temperature from minus 18 to minus 25 degrees.
Possible freezing berries loose. For this clean dry the berries spread in a special pan, leaving between them a distance of 0.5 cm, Place the pan in the freezer and turn it on maximum power. Leave the berries for freezing for 3-4 hours. Then pour the berries into a bag or container and place in the freezer for storage.
The cherries are pitted and freeze it, sprinkling her sugar (put in a container in layers).
Winter cherry can be used not only for making dumplings, pies, compotes, jellies.

Thawed cherries are best on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.
Useful advice
Use for frozen dark cherries varieties: it is sweeter than light and contain more pectin.

To freeze cherries, you can use plastic bags. However, be aware that when you freeze the polyethylene becomes brittle. There is a danger of freezing to spill all over the freezer.

In order for frozen cherries is not absorbed odors, store it separately from strong-smelling products.
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