To avoid unnecessary problems with pumping the ball, it is recommended to carefully check it upon purchase. Serviceable good the ball shall be inflated and elastic. Otherwise there is a risk to buy a defective ball.
Test quality – throw it to a height of approximately 180 cm. If the height of the bounce will fit 120-140 cm, so the ball can buy. Even easier to do the same with the head height, the rebound needs to reach the height of the belt.
It is worth checking the nipple. The bike owners do it is usually by applying saliva on it. On the proper nipple no air bubbles. To not fall the ball with defect of a surface, you need to drop him and look at his rebound. If the ball bounces in different directions – the ball is defective.
For inflating the ball, use a car pump, complete which be a plastic head designed for blowing dust from hard to reach places. Attach the plastic tip to the nipple, you can start pumping up the ball.
If the ball is not football, it is not necessary to kick it and sit on it, as it will lose its original shape. If pumping is used, the needle, the first hole of the nipple, apply a few drops of special oil, then enter the needle in there.
The ball is inflated to the value indicated next to the nipple. The oil in this case protects the valve and the wall of the nipple from damage by the needle, gives it elasticity and protects from drying out. If the oil on hand was not, you can use saliva.
When pumping do not use the lubricants that are not designed for this, as they can lead to the destruction of the nipple. The needle itself should have a perfectly smooth surface. Not to pump the ball, it is recommended to monitor its internal pressure with a pressure gauge.