Before you start training, select the most comfortable shoes. Under the implied convenience of its size. She should not hang out on the leg, or, conversely, to pull the foot. Something perfect for freestyle shoes, carry on training her. If your favorite sneakers are worn, try to buy a similar.
The ball for getting your stick to football. Pick a permanent place for their workouts by getting your ball. They can bring their friends who share your interests – will be fun to train. In addition, the best results, according to the practice, are achieved in the company.
Now you can go directly to training. At the same time develop skill on both feet, even if you start with such exercises that are performed one leg. As you improve your skills you will discover more and more difficult tricks and stunts with the ball.
Learn to preserve the balance of the body, because the execution of many stunts requires good flexibility and coordination. Try to follow the moves when getting your ball to learn to understand its trajectory. And also try every time to get the exact center of the ball. If something does not work, do not worry – all of these skills will come during the training process.
That's all you need to know about getting your ball. And any tricks to start and how to do that in this case has not one article. In addition, everyone trains differently and uses as a base of their favorite tricks.