You will need
  • - med;
  • - vodka;
  • green bugs.
Even the most experienced doctor-psychiatrist or a professional psychologist can't cure the person who does not wish to do. So, first of all the alcoholic must want to get rid of this addiction and be able to say to yourself "stop". Try to escape, get lost in work or engaged in an extreme sport. In General, the mass of options, choose something to their liking, the main thing that it was safe for both the patient and for others.
Tell us about your problem with loved ones, it is important that in this moment you are not turned away, but could help and support in difficult times. Change your social circle, give up friends of the party who pull you into the swamp. Without this step, your attempts will be unsuccessful. You expected a totally new life in which to find meaning.
Take a vacation and go with your favorite or the closest person to rest, a place where there is Hiking around the forest and fresh air (away from civilization, in nature). Take a camera or an easel (if you like and know how to draw), where you can capture the most beautiful and exciting moments. A week after this vacation, the taste and smell of alcohol you may feel a little strange and maybe even disgusting.
Should not accept offers to drink even just a little, keep a tight rein. Since nicotine stimulates to drink alcoholic beverages, limit the frequency of Smoking. Drink plenty of mint and lime tea, add a tea lemon juice, which has the ability to remove alcohol from the body. Force yourself to drink tea, even if not thirsty, take to work thermos bottle with the decoction. Beware of hunger, eat hot and preferably liquid food.
Prepare the patient for alcohol dependence following the infusion, which can cause a strong aversion to drinking: take a few green bugs that are found in raspberry bushes and have an unpleasant odor. Put them in a glass of vodka and leave for a while, then give the patient a drink, saying nothing about their manipulation. It is also believed that will pristrastie to alcohol is associated with a deficiency in the body of potassium, which is contained in large amounts in honey.