You will need
  • - battery;
  • charger;
  • connection to the mains.
Lithium polymer (Li-Pol) batteries have high capacity and endurance and can withstand more than 150 cycles of charging. Moreover, their production does not require high costs. But the technology of manufacturing the lithium polymer battery has not yet honed to perfection. So the most popular type at the moment are lithium-ion. But they are also aging, like other types of batteries. A couple of years, a battery loses up to 25% of capacity. Li-pol-battery unlike other batteries, does not necessarily require cycles of discharge-charge.
To charge these batteries easily. Need to connect to the DC voltage source. The charging time should be not less than two hours.
If you want to extend the service life of the batteryto protect it from high temperatures and excessive humidity. Reduce contact with the metal to a minimum, protect the battery from shocks – they result in defects and can damage the power system.
Always switch the phone off before replacing the battery. If you recently bought a device with such a battery, perform charging not less than 5 hours.
If you want to increase the duration of the battery, observe the operating rules. Especially pay attention to temperature. If it's too low or high temperatures, battery efficiency is greatly reduced.
The battery will discharge faster if the device to which it is connected, will be used several functions. For example, if you via the phone, surf the Internet, turn on the lantern and calling, the battery will run down faster.
Observe the safety precautions. Don't leave charging batteries. They can spontaneously ignite, and this leads to fires. Possible place the battery on a fireproof surface.