If you have just bought a mobile device that has a rechargeable lithium battery, and want to make it a lifetime maximum duration, first read the data sheet of the device and recommendations for operation and charging. As a rule, for each model of phone or portable music player has its own fixed time for which the battery achieves full charge. If for some reason you can't use the manufacturer's recommendations, adhere to the following General rules for operation of lithium batteries.
To ensure long-term operation, the battery must "pump", that is to increase his work through a succession of maximum charging and discharging. Insert the battery pack into the device. If the battery still has a charge, it is recommended to "put" it, having achieved a complete shutdown of the device. Enable more applications to make the phone faster spent battery power. Pretty soon the battery will sit down and the phone switches off. After that phone off or put the player to your network using only factory zaryadnoe device that guarantees the safety of operation of the device.
As a rule, lithium batteries are charged to the limit in a few hours. However, the first charge must be at least 12 hours, it is desirable not to interrupt her and not to pull out the charger from the power outlet.
After 12 hours of charging start to use their electronic device. Do not charge it until the phone turns off due to low battery. In the beginning use a lithium battery you must spend at least three full charges and discharges to "disperse" the battery. Then you can use the device in regular mode and charge it as needed. "Pumped" lithium batteries do not require a complete charging or discharging.