Of the many ways of applying the paint to the fabric will be the most appropriate choice of acrylic paint. To understand how to draw and paint on clothes, the first thing you need to learn the logistical part. The composition of acrylic paints include water, emulsion and dye. Characteristic of acrylic is the brightness of colors, resistance to aggressive environments, good tolerance of temperature extremes, resistance to moisture and mechanical influences.
Please note that when applying acrylic to fabric, water based paint will evaporate. Lesser coat of paint dries faster, a thick layer will dry for longer than a few lungs.
A preparatory stage.
First how to draw paint on clothes, you must choose a flat surface in a well ventilated area. Inside the coated product must be placed thick cardboard sheet, in order to avoid soaking the paint.
Draw by hand.
This process is like drawing with paint on clothing, provides availability and skills of the artist. Therefore:- better pre-wash cloth contour drawing
- then pronounced his circle acrylic paint
- after drying, you can begin to stain the inner part of the figure
- try to avoid sticking of lint on the fabric
- dilute colors better special diluent for acrylic paints. This helps to preserve the brightness of paint colors.
Can use stencils.
Stencil self-adhesive paper partially remove the question of how to draw paint on clothes. Thus, it is possible to avoid leakage of paint under the paper and the pattern will remain neat and clear. Apply the paint by spray or sponge.
Can leave fingerprints.
One of the more spectacular ways of drawing with paint on clothes is the imprint on the cloth.
- twist the spiral rope and glue to a piece of wood
- dip it in the paint and on the edge of the fabric leave neat prints.
The last phase is the Ironing.
Which ways of drawing with paint on clothing was not used, after applying the pattern on the fabric it needs to dry. It takes about ten hours time. Paving the product with iron in the average temperature from the inside, slow and continuous motion, without stopping in one place, making fixing the deposited pattern.