Make a sketch on paper in the form of the future picture in full size. Think about all the colors and shades that you need.
Select the method of application and type of paint. For the application of the acrylic using a stencil suitable paint-aerosol cans, and for strokes with a brush on the principle of oil paint you will need acrylic in tubes and jars. Paint in tubes and jars very thick and requires additional diluent.
Lay the fabric on a flat, clean surface, preferably on a newspaper or other tissue, in dry, well-ventilated area. Apply a pencil outline of the picture. Even if you paint through the stencil, it can shift and distort the shape of the planned figure.
Apply the first coat of paint. Allow it to dry. For a more intense color can go some parts two or three times, after each layer dry. Thin layers dry faster than thick.
After applying each layer of rinse brush to paint turned the hair in good-for-nothing lump. After drying the last layer of smooth fabric with an iron to grasp.