You will need
  • - gum or a breath mint;
  • - wet wipes;
  • - zest of lemon or orange;
  • - air freshener.
Eliminate bad breath will help some gum or a breath mint. Buy fruit gum, chew the first pad for about 5-7 minutes, then take a fresh and chew it for another 10 minutes. The smell will disappear. The same applies to mouthwash. Orosite your mouth after each smoked cigarette. Do not try to eat onions, garlic or drink all the vodka as suggest some tobacco flavor and can leave your mouth, but in his place comes another, equally unpleasant smell.
Hands wipe wipes with any flavor. But the best way to cope with the smell of citrus scent. Will also eliminate the smell of lemon peel or orange. How would wipe the fingers of the hand that you have smoked, the skin of the fruit. Be careful if you are allergic, it is better not to experiment, and the smell of the cigarette itself will erode. And of course, wash your hands, if possible.
The smell from cigarette smoke is absorbed in the hair. To get rid of it, walk in the fresh air for about 10 minutes. Help and favorite perfume. Take advantage of the spirits, paying special attention to hair, sleeves of clothes and neck. But do not overdo it, otherwise people will not scare off the smell of tobacco, and a strong perfume.
Well, the smell in the room where you smoked, eliminate air freshener "antitobacco." Is not excessive and ventilation of housing. If possible, try to smoke on the balcony or on the street, because to breathe smoke around people you don't have to. Smoking the choice of one person, and not all those close to you.