Permanent makeup refers to a type of aesthetic correction using tattoos and special color pigments.

It can be used to correct the shape of eyebrows, contour of the lips to make them look fuller, and highlight the eyes.

Beauticians also recommend permanent makeup to women with sensitive skin and those who suffer from allergic reactions to cosmetics.

The pigments used in the correction, hypoallergenic, permanent and designed specifically for permanent makeup.

The procedure is completely sterile, used only a disposable tool and is performed under local anesthesia.

We must remember that permanent makeup does not imply a complete rejection of the use of decorative cosmetics. But this will make you look brighter in any environment.

The most popular procedure is eyebrow shaping. This procedure allows to correct the natural shape of the eyebrows, pick the one that is perfect for you.

The procedure will help visually correct age-related changes. For example, it can help to make your lips brighter or to correct their form.

This makeup lasts from two to five years. It depends not only on the composition of the dye and the experience of the master, but also on the type of skin, age. It is not advisable to do this makeup for women over 65 years of age and those who are under the age of eighteen.

The procedure can only be done in specialized beauty salons, licensed to conduct this procedure. Be sure to have modern equipment and sterile disposable instruments. The master must have appropriate qualifications, and, of course, experience is very important, because printing errors are difficult to fix.

Permanent makeup is shown not to all. It should not be done in poor blood clotting, scarring, skin diseases, allergies, diabetes, epilepsy. It is necessary to abandon permanent makeup for lactating and pregnant women.

As a rule, the procedure, performed by a qualified technician, using high quality coloring pigments disappears completely in a few years.