The fashion for brows is changing every year, girls trends can be seen more clearly. This is due to the fact that the woman has eyebrows allow almost any length and thickness, while for men modeled classic eyebrow in a smooth sweeping lines.
Perfect shape of eyebrows in men is defined as the same as women with two pencils. A pencil should be placed at the outer edge of the nostril on the same side as the corresponding eyebrow, a second end, must lie in a straight line to coincide with a line drawn through the inner corner of the eye, starting from the same point. Thus, we determine the beginning and end of the eyebrows. The hairs out straight to remove.
The male eyebrow is typically more dense, therefore there is often a problem of unruly hairs. So very distracting, and long hairs need to cut with scissors. Before that, the brow should be brushed. After the eyebrows have simulated smooth line, you need to fix and smooth the hairs in one direction. This should be done with a special brush, which can drip a colorless gel.
Men often face the problem fused on the bridge of the nose eyebrows. Your eyebrows should be corrected, otherwise the face looks sullen and morose. Especially not recommended to go with these eyebrows if the eyes are set deep or close.
You don't do your eyebrows yourself if eyebrows are corrected for the first time. The first time it is better to go to a special beauty salon, where a specialist will correctly simulate the shape of the eyebrows that best suits your type of face.