For every deposited 30 rubles MegaFon accrues 1 point. Check the number of points you can dial *115#. The following menu will appear:1 – the Balance.2 – activate the bonuses.3 – Help.4 – Settings.
To check the balance write and send 1. Will appear another window, in it click the first item "balance Inquiry" - it is necessary again to score and send 1. You will receive a message indicating your existing points.
To activate the bonus again send the command *115# and the list of options select the second that is, type and send a number 2. A list of bonuses, ranging from free minutes within the network and ending with the GPRS pack. Enter and send the number corresponding to your chosen bonus.
In a new message, you'll see a detailed list of options of bonuses received. For example, if you decide to choose a package of free minutes within the network, you will be offered a list of: 10 minutes, 20, 30, etc. Choosing a package, consider the number of your points. If they are not enough for the selected package, simply repeat the process and select a package with fewer minutes. You will receive a message confirming the connection of the selected package.
It's best to work with bonuses online through "Service-Guide". Go to the regional website of "MegaFon", you can switch to it from the main website: Log in to the system "Service-Guide" will be sent to you on the phone login password. Write it down and keep. To enter in the "Service Guide" enter as username your phone number.
On the opened page, select "gifts and Bonuses" - "MegaFon-Bonus". In the opened after processing the request window, scroll to "reward Activation" and select to whom you will activate the bonus to yourself or another party. In the second case, enter the phone number. Click "Activate".
In the new window you will see a detailed list of bonuses with the required to them points. Activation of bundles is very simple and intuitive – just select the desired package and click "Next". After processing the request you will receive a message to activate the selected package.