You will need
  • - SIM card "Megaphone";
  • phone.
MegaFon gives gifts to its customers. You can get them as part of the program "MegaFon-Bonus", for which mobile phone users do not need to exert any effort. All subscribers with the exception of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs automatically become participants in the program starting to use the services of "MegaFon". The connection to participate in the program is also not required.
Points users are awarded when at the end of each month. For every thirty minutes of conversation, the subscriber receives one point for a monthly, no negative balance in the account to two points, for the period of use of the network "MegaFon" can receive up to five points. To accelerate the accumulation of bonus points helps special service, "Mood", the use of which will increase your bonus balance for two more points. For more information about this service can be found on the official website of "MegaFon".
Before you choose a reward, check your bonus account. To do this, type the command [*100#call button] or [*115*0#call]. Also you can send free SMS message with the number 0 to the number 5010. Find out how much your account of points, can select your desired reward – minutes of free calls, SMS packages, MMS, Internet traffic, Souvenirs and other gifts.
For example, to get 5 minutes of free calls at the number of "MegaFon" worth ten points, send [*115*555#call] or text 555 to number 5010.
30 free minutes to talk with the subscriber of "MegaFon" are worth 50 points. To obtain this compensation, dial [*115*604#call] or send to number 5010 text 604.
To receive 120 minutes of free talktime from your account will be deducted 150 points. The number of request a free time - [*115*606#call] to make use of SMS request to the number 5010, send a text 606.
Also you can exchange accumulated points for free communication with subscribers of other mobile network, the acquisition of SMS packages, Internet traffic or to get a souvenir from their favorite operator: pen, key chain, flash memory, mug and many other useful gifts.
Read more with a catalog of remuneration and conditions of purchase can be found on the official website of the operator under "spend points".