You will need
  • Books with stories and poems, lullabies knowledge and patience.
Two years is the age when the child begins to actively explore the world. He needs to move constantly to play. The kid just sitting on the ground, as you notice many mothers. The child was well asleep, he needs to do something with the stock of its energy, otherwise it will be impossible to put to sleep any day, not night. And a dream just need that energy to recover.
Accustom your child to the regime. As in kindergarten. When the child accustomed to the routine, he already knows that after the walk there will be a dinner and sleep. And in the evening walk, dinner, water and sleep.
Be sure to walk with your child before bedtime. Let him run around with other children, ride the slide, shake on a swing. After a walk to put the baby will be much easier. But ensure that the child is not overtired, otherwise it will be hard to fall asleep.
Create child environment for sleep. Before bed be sure to ventilate the room. For the child, according to pediatricians, the optimal room temperature of 18-20 degrees with a humidity of 50-70 %.
If it's daytime sleep - turn off the TV, cover curtains. If you get to bed at night turn on the night light.
If you are not putting the baby in the crib and your bed or the couch, lie down next to him. If in bed - sit nearby.
Children are very important mom before bed. Some children enough so my mom can just lie down next to a couple of minutes. Some even at the age of two still sick - this is self-indulgence. From birth does not have to accustom to the motion sickness.
At this age children already love stories, poems. Read his book kid, read a story, sing a lullaby.
Gently stroke the forehead of the baby is soothing.
Put to sleep the baby in a good mood, the baby did not cry and did not cry. Before bed create a ritual. For example, using poems show your child that you can go to sleep. Read the verse and show the baby pictures, where you can go to sleep or already asleep. One of these poems is called "lullaby for Bunny".