The main rule is follow the regime of the day. If you put the kid always in the same hours, he formed a lasting habit, and to the right time, while your child probably asked himself to sleep.
Be sure to provide the child the possibility to move actively during the day. Tired, the baby is more likely to fall asleep without any problems, both during day and night.
Better if after dinner games will be calm. Let baby play alone, or you both read the book – take your pick. If weather permits you can go for an evening walk with the whole family.
Try to make dinner a light meal, so as not to overload the child's digestive system for the night. Invite your son or daughter vegetables, cheese or a casserole, an omelet, milk drinks, yoghurts.
Make sure that the room was dark, quiet and cool. This situation is best promotes rapid sleep and quality rest. Be sure to ventilate the room in which the sleeping baby. Do not coddle the child – if he be hot, sleep will be restless.
Well, if the child puts to sleep is always one and the same person. You can come up with a calm and pleasant ritual of bedtime. For example, tiny yogurt drink, then brushing his teeth (both able and with mom's help), then, wish friends good night (usually children in two-year cope with this task), kisses parents and sent to bed (a favorite toy). Of course, you are free to think of other options. At first you have to remind the child sequence of actions, but then the baby will cope and myself.
If the child went to bed at a reasonable hour, but sleep he does not, will agree that he just quietly lie down. Don't let him out of bed. It is possible that in half an hour comes the long-awaited dream.