One solution is to teach the child to fall asleep independently. Most likely, the first days will seem a living hell, but thanks to iron patience you still can handle it.

When you can teach a baby to fall asleep independently

It all depends on the temperament of your baby. Relaxed kids are much easier to teach to fall asleep on their own. But kaprizulka parents will have to "sweat". But do not despair, nothing is impossible. And teach baby to fall asleep independently – not the most difficult that can be.

Please be patient, it is now very necessary. If you decide to make changes to the regime, not retreat, go to the end. Depends on your success.

Usually parents have six months to try to teach a baby to fall asleep independently. But not everybody can do this. One kid maybe 6 months to learn to sleep for only 4-5 days and the other at the same age – do not lend themselves to rehabilitation. It is therefore important to choose the moment when the child is ready for a change.

In any case, do not try to teach a baby to fall asleep on their own when baby is sick or he's teething. At this moment he needs you more than usual. The baby needs your affection and care, not global changes (and for him they are) in life. So while it is better to leave the idea to teach baby to fall asleep independently. Wait until the baby is fully recovered, so you will have more chances of success.

How to teach baby to fall asleep in his crib?

First, let's deal with the regime. If you want to teach baby to fall asleep independently, make time for sleep not changed every day. The child will be easier to get used to the fact that now he will fall asleep by himself if you put him at the same time. This is an important point. Think about what time will be ideal for you.

Second, tell your child that today he will learn to fall asleep independently. Explain that he already big and can do it himself. If the baby only six months, it does not mean that he didn't need to say anything, because he still does not understand. Scroll to 10 minutes, tell.

Just before bedtime make sure that the child is not fond of noisy games, eliminate TV viewing. An hour before bedtime, take along toys, read a book, just talk with the baby. Most importantly, the child at this time was calm. Violent capricious put to sleep much more difficult.

After the tale is read, song sung, kiss the baby and put to bed. Give him a pacifier (if needed) and a favorite toy. It is desirable that this toy was not a rattle or some kind of a squeaking mouse. Otherwise, instead of sleep, the child will have a real concert.

Cover the child with a blanket, wish sweet dreams, turn off the lights and leave the room. Don't go away be in the next room. Leave the door slightly ajar so you can hear what is happening in your baby's room. And wait.

Of course, it is not necessary to hope that the baby will turn to the side, eyes closed and drift off. There it was. The child would be awake to call you, maybe even cry. Do not rush immediately to run headlong into the bedroom and turn on the light. Wait 4-5 minutes. At the same time, don't let the child crying. Advice – "cry, get tired and fall asleep" – not the best option. Find the middle ground. Running at the first peep of crumbs is not worth it, so he will quickly realize that mommy can be easily manipulated. And all your work will end one big failure.

If the child is afraid to go to sleep alone when the lights in the room off, not force. Turn on the light, but rather light. Baby feel better. The most important thing is to teach baby to fall asleep independently, with light or not – second question. Otherwise, the toddler is afraid of the dark and afraid to fall asleep. And this is a bigger problem.

If the child cries for a long time, go to the bedroom, but the light does not turn on. Tell me something good, mother. Explain that it's late, go to bed. Put the baby, cover with a blanket, give a toy and a pacifier. Don't stay in the bedroom for a long time. Do whatever it takes and go.

What not to do in any case, when trying to teach a baby to fall asleep independently?

It is impossible to swear and shout at the kid. Otherwise sleep for it will be sheer torture. He is afraid to sleep in his crib. Do not try to hit the midget on the ass! Understand that your treasure does not know what you want from him. And even if he still won't sleep without mom. After all even adults with great difficulty give up their habits. And children even more so.

The most valuable advice in this case – be patient! To teach baby to fall asleep independently can and should as early as possible. After all, to cope with a six-month old baby is much easier than with a child of 2 years.

I can't tell you how long it will take you to teach your toddler to sleep in his crib. This problem was handled in 8 months. Now the daughter is 1 year 9 months. And she, when she wants to sleep, she goes into the bedroom. And leaves silently, usually. Takes a pacifier, lies down on the bed, covers himself with the blanket and falls asleep. After the first such "focus" we were in shock. Now is the norm.