How to put the baby

Kids, which was just a few months, daytime sleep is vital, such as food and direct my mother's care. To understand that the baby wants to sleep, by external signs, it becomes less active, rubbing eyes, touching her ears, yawning. Not always child can sleep independently, because the body of the newborn still does not "understands" how to relax. To calmly and without tears to put the baby, you need to create the most comfortable conditions in which he can feel protected. No wonder they say that the first three months of life the newborn is the fourth trimester of pregnancy, because about repeating the conditions in reality, in the mother's tummy, you will quickly calm the baby, he'll fall asleep.

First of all, the room should be comfortable temperature of about 23-25C, the baby needs to be fed, in a dry diaper or diapers. Note that in the room there should be absolute silence after abdominal child hear different sounds, first and foremost, the voice of my mother. Putting your child to bed, you can sing him a lullaby or a quiet monotone to talk to him.

Nice calming effect and have relaxing sounds, for example, the noise of the forest or the surf, or the so-called "white noise" that is easy to recreate using ordinary household items (good hum of a hair dryer or the sound of the vacuum cleaner). Well relax and soothe the nervous system of infants stroking of the back and on the head, gentle massage or a warm bath with chamomile. But it happens that these methods of placing are not sufficient and need to do something else. "Lull" of the newborn by using rocking in her arms, in the crib, cradle or on a pillow.

Methodical slightly jiggle also return the baby in terms of where he was for a long nine months, which were created by a mom with walking and movement. If the street is warm suitable for walking weather, NAPs can be organize there. It is noticed that young children are very quickly and deeply fall asleep in the fresh air, while smooth movement of the stroller.

How to put a baby 2 years

It is proved that the mode of the day the child is formed after the first year of life, and sleep, as before, is an integral part of it. To facilitate laying, you need to create a ritual that will always accompany the procedure. It can be anything stroking or light rubbing of the back, a warm bath, a story or a Cup of yogurt. Most importantly, these actions were done every day, without adjustments for weekends and holidays, and then the effect will not keep itself waiting long. A few months NAPs will cease to be a punishment for the baby, but will be a kind of break, after which it is lots of fun and games.

Sleep for preschool children

Whether to put the baby for NAPs at the age of 5-6 years? If before the rest day was essential, but now, when the child's mind has learned gradually to cope with the emotions and turmoil, the NAP becomes an episodic phenomenon. If your child is active in sports or are very active, then the dream will still be a good way to regain physical and emotional strength. If during the day, the baby does not show significant activity, then restore your emotional balance will help quiet games, reading books or drawing.

Do not forget that the right course of your child's life – that's the key to healthy sleep.