If your child doesn't want to fall asleep in the group, first of all, find out why. Children who have just started going to preschool, do not leave on Sonas. This should be done only when the child will get used to the fact that every day he attends kindergarten.

Make a home close to the daily routine in kindergarten. Even on weekends and holidays, try to stick with it. Accustomed to a daily series of moments is easier for the baby to fall asleep in kindergarten. Sleep in the middle of the day won't cause in it negative reaction, and be associated with rest.

The reason for the wakefulness of the child during quiet hours may be hyperexcitability. In this case, it is not necessary to force the child to sleep. Ask the caregiver some time to sit with him on the bed and patting them on the back. So the kid will be able to calm down and maybe sleep.
Overly active baby, gain impressions for the first half of the day, just can't quickly calm down. His brain processes the information.

The child may not fall asleep during conasa due to distractions. Such errors can be noise outside the window, the buzzing of insects or uncomfortable temperature in the bedroom. In conversation with teachers of the group point to this individual feature to your child.

Replacement sports

Children of kindergarten age, mainly live mode. However, not all children can sleep in a fixed time. The inner loop is all his own. Therefore, teachers better to account for this in the first time spent in kindergarten.
If necessary, you can refer to the psychologist of the kindergarten. His office created the conditions in which children can relax. The use of special techniques allow the specialist to find out the cause of wakefulness of the child.

Sleep in a quiet hour may be replaced by other kinds of recreation. You can offer a child just to lie in bed. Even if he can be twenty to thirty minutes, it will give him a chance to rest from activity.

There are children who adamantly refuse to be in the bedroom and do not allow other children to sleep. The reasons for this may be different. Replace sleep quiet games, such as table. So the kid can switch to a quieter activity and not disturb the rest of the guys.