Therapists advise parents to stick to routines in handling the baby. The rules of sleep for young children it is said that from birth until baby is sleeping at least 3 times a day, to 1.5 years number of NAPs can be reduced to 2 times per day, with 1.5 to 4-5 years old children sleep only 1 time - after lunch, and after 6 years can sleep only at night. Reasons for rejection a day in a child can be many: he rises late, is calm, not tired, or maybe his mind the day is not overloaded and the baby is quite normal and can withstand without daytime sleep, increasing the time to rest at night. Before you worry and see a doctor, parents should find out the reason for the reluctance of the baby to be laid to bed. We must also remember that some children simply do not need day stay, and it's absolutely fine.

Stick to routines

The best way to deal with the vagaries of the child and to accustom him to the routine is the setting of a clear mode of the day and its constant implementation. Of course, when the child does not go to kindergarten and he doesn't need to get up in the morning at the same time, the order is difficult to establish. Then the baby cries at night, can't sleep the night before, time for upgrade always fails, the child can get up like at 7am, so 9 or 10 hours. Therefore, habits to bed and getting up at the same time not produced. The mother in this case, you need to radically change the approach: to establish a clear watch for the rise and bedtime, then after some time, the child himself used to get up early in the morning to engage in active games, to dinner tired and go to bed, and in the evening find more quiet things and again no problem to meet, not perevozbuzdenie. When the kid will know exactly as planned the day, his body will adapt to the mode and the child will be easier to control their desires.

Useful tips

There are still a few rules that will facilitate the laying of the baby. Try to always sleep in one place, then it will associate with sleep and calmness. Before bed stop fun and games. It will be useful to come up with a ritual of going to sleep and always stick to it: change into pajamas, read a story, sing a lullaby, say Goodnight.

Put the child to bed early, if I see that he is tired and falls asleep on the go. Do not wait until it finishes and Doris, otherwise, then the baby can go into Overdrive, cry, throw a tantrum. It is important to discern the signs of fatigue in the child: he can now eyes, to whine, to sulk, to freeze in time.

Give your child the opportunity to fall asleep by himself without the dummy, feeding or rocking. At the age of 3 months, the baby is doing, what can we say about older children. When the child will learn to calm down independently, he will sleep much better, and mom won't have to sit for hours over his bassinet or crib.