To send funds first, change money at the Belarusian currency translation. Correctly fill the blank at the translation. Usually, the Bank employee can do it yourself. To do this, present your passport, report the transfer amount, passport number, surname, name and patronymic, as well as the recipient's address and your phone number. Be careful when entering personal data of the recipient to avoid mistakes. Otherwise, if there is at least one error in the figure or letter, the Bank is entitled to refuse to issue cash, but you will have to write a statement on the withdrawal of the money back and conduct the procedure again. Some of the money transfer system can request the security question for the recipient, for additional security.
After filling in you will receive a receipt with a unique number code that is assigned to this money transfer, and varies from 8 to 10 digits. You just have to tell the specified number to the receiver.
Usually, the issuing transfers in large international systems, located even in airports. Still, check in advance the availability of points of delivery of translations for your chosen system.
The recipient can come to office money orders or Bank branch within one hour from the time of your transfer. The recipient needs to have a passport or other document proving his identity. Further, the recipient should call a unique number-code for this money transfer and your data and, if necessary, to answer the control question.
The obligation to pay the wire transfer fees are the responsibility of the sender.