Visit the official website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, on it you can find information on the exchange rate of the Russian ruble to the Belarusian mounted on a specific date.
Examine the small lettering in the upper left part of the page. Under the logo of the Bank of Russia you will see "Key indicators of the financial market". In this section you will find the link "exchange rates", go for it.
Note the vertical menu in the left toolbar of the page. You need the first line in this "Official exchange rates...". After clicking on it with the left mouse button a calendar appears, it is necessary to select the date that you are interested in the Belarusian ruble. In the table, find the Belarusian ruble, it is located in the fourth row from the top. For example, on December 1, 2011 installed course 36,5117. Please note that the ruble is set in relation to 10 000 Belarusian rubles.
Calculate the reverse rate, i.e. how many Belarusian rubles to buy one Russian. For this, 10 000 is divided by 36,5117. It turns out, one of the Russian ruble on 1 December 2011 cost 273,88 Belarusian rubles.
To transfer any amount in Russian rubles at the Belarusian currency multiply by the rate for the amount of rubles. For example, 555 Russian rubles equal to 152 006,07 Belarusian rubles.
You can use online calculators to quickly calculate the rate of any currency. To do this, type in any search engine the phrase "Rate of the Belarusian ruble to the Russian ruble". The calculator allows you to calculate the direct and reverse courses, there you can enter any amount to see her expression in another currency. Keep in mind that these calculators are automatically set to the date, it corresponds to the number and month when you enter the data for conversion.