You will need
  • The document identification information of the recipient, money.
To use the services of this company, you need to contact any service point Western Union (vestern Yunion). Offices are located in banks and in post offices, stores.
How to send <em>money</em> <strong>Western</strong> <b>Union</b>
When you access employee, you will be asked to fill out an application for the administration of moneys, including all the data about the recipient, the country of his stay and the amount of transfer. Next you need to transfer in cash funds and a completed application, paying the service rate. After that, you will be given a copy of the form, which will indicate the number of your money transfer. It remains only to let the recipient know the amount and number of money transfer. Don't forget to bring your identity document.
How to send <em>money</em> <strong>Western</strong> <b>Union</b>
The beneficiary needs to apply in any company office with a passport. The employee offered to fill in a special application to receive the money, which will show data of your passport, the amount that you have sent and the number of transfer. He can only get this amount without a fee. The transfer fee is charged to sender. Transfers in Russia are paid and received in rubles, and in countries near and far abroad may be transferred in U.S. dollars.
How to send <em>money</em> <strong>Western</strong> <b>Union</b>