Length and fullness boots differs depending on the model, but what if the size down is too tight, and hangs freely? In this case, the only way to stretch boots in the foot.

The surest method to properly stretch boots give them in a Shoe shop, where stretching is carried out on special machines. Pressure on selected stocks every boot stretched in the right place and in the right amount, so far as the material and especially the location of seams and accessories.

However, if there is no possibility to use the services of the workshop, you can try to stretch boots at home.

How to stretch boots at home?

Before you begin stretching, you need to make sure your boots are clean, you can wipe them outside with a damp cloth.


  1. The easiest way is to put on some socks under the boots and wear them for an hour, then fill them from socks to heels with wet newspaper to maintain its shape of the boot. Leave the paper overnight, this will soften the skin, and in the morning, repeat the process of rassasyvaniya with socks. This can be repeated as long as the boots will stretch.

  2. Treat boots inside (if they are not fur) on the outside and castor oil, and wear hours wearing several pairs of socks previously. At night the skin is treated with a fat cream or a special banner, set inside the Shoe on the foot shape. Repeat this process until boots will not stretch.

  3. Leather boots can be stretched to soften the material with boiling water from the hot water it softens and is easier to take the shape of their feet.

  4. When stretching patent leather boots use special foam and sprays. Shoes rubber, fabrics and natural materials stretch very difficult.

  5. If after a month of intensive treatments boots are not echoed, will have to buy a new pair.