Every check contains the written filling in by the recipient. The handwriting and ink color in a single check must be same color. The first field "Issuer", located at the top of the check. There may be brief name of the organization (the individual entrepreneur or LLC).
The amount in the next field "______ R. ___ K. is filled with numbers. If the numbers remains an empty space, it should be prosernat two parallel lines across the entire length.
The field "Place of issue", "Number", "Month of letters" are filled, respectively, for example: "Kaluga "31" July 2009".
In the "PAY" is specified in the dative case the surname, name and patronymic of the employee who issued the check. The empty space left after the text, also precertified two parallel lines to the end of the field.
In the field "AMOUNT in WORDS" with capital letters is written the amount of the check. The indents from the beginning of the field are not allowed. Completes record amount of the word "dollars" or "cents". The remaining empty space again precertified two lines.
In the field "SIGNATURE" shall be authorized signatories of the organization. Usually the first signature belongs to the Director, the second – the chief accountant. If the card of samples of signatures the second signature is not provided, then the signature only the Director.
In a designated area of the seal of the drawer is stamped organization. Thus the press must not overstep the bounds intended.
The back of the check in the table "Target flow rate" identifies the areas of expenditure with the corresponding amount for each article. In the last row of the table, also put down the first and (if applicable) second signature of the officers of the organization.
Below the table the "Target flow" in the field "referred to in this receipt the amount received" has the signature of the person receiving the funds.
Further field Marks, certifying the identity of the recipient", which fits the passport details of the employee receiving the funds by check.
Other fields of the check are filled with Bank staff.