Manifests gynecomastia seal and enlarged Breasts. There may be pain, which will eventually diminish and then disappear altogether. In the body, men begin to dominate the female hormones (estrogens), resulting in the development of true gynecomastia. Most often, gynecomastia occurs in the neonatal period, puberty and older age, after 45 years. In these periods of life gynecomastia in men often manifests itself and is called physiological. Gynecomastia may develop in patients receiving certain medications, such as for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
Treatment should be aimed at bringing back to normal levels of testosterone and estrogen. The patient is assigned drugs that increase the levels of testosterone and estrogens in the body. This treatment is carried out under the strict supervision of the endocrinologist. In the initial stages of the disease drug therapies can be effective.
If the disease lasts several years, then conservative treatment will not help. In this case you need surgery. The goal of surgery is to remove the breast with dense tissue and restoring the normal male breast line.
At this time, there are several types of surgery for treatment of gynecomastia:- the Breast is removed, but saved the areola and nipples. This is the subcutaneous mastectomy.
- Breast removed, is carried further liposuction to restore the contours.
- If the breast gland is enlarged not very much, it is endoscopic mastectomy. Surgery the patient usually moves easily, the recovery period is short. Patient hospitalitynet, as a rule, on the day. After surgery need to wear slimming underwear for three weeks. Labor can begin within a week, they can also workout in a month.