Decide what model you need. If you plan to actively swim and dive, choose indoor sports swimsuit. It dries quickly, does not slip during sudden movements and give the figure texture.
To get a spectacular tan, there is nothing better than the classic bikini. Well, long spectacular fashion show on the beach will suit fashionable Monokini swimwear with deep cutouts on the sides. In such a swimsuit are not too comfortable to swim, and tan is "striped", but it has its advantages. The side cutouts create the effect of a very feminine figure, visually narrow the waist and enhance the bust.
Girls with bad shape should choose the style carefully. Owners full waist and large tummy to disguise this part of the figure, examples tankini - set of top and high panties. For those who have a big bust, it is best to buy a model with rigid molded bra with underwire and thick pads. These swimsuits perfectly supports the breast, in water and on land. Well, girls with thick thighs, ashamed of this particular shape, can purchase a model with removable short skirt.
Pay attention to the colors of the swimsuit. For overweight torso fit model in longitudinal stripes, visually stretching the body. Things bodily, white or Golden colors go to a very tanned skin. Small "grandmother" flowers lost in too large pieces, and polished and textured fabrics visually increase the volume. Be careful with decorative elements. Fashionable lacing, ruffles, frills and straps draw attention to that body part, near which they are located.
Selecting the appropriate color and style, enjoy wearing a swimsuit. Don't buy it "by eye" - you need to assess whether the selected item fits you to determine the right size. Buying tankini swimsuit, try on several options of bottoms and bras in most stores kit you can assemble yourself. Take the time for a fitting and not buy a thing in which you feel uncomfortable. Note that to return it you will be able only in case of detection of an explicit marriage.
Put on a swimsuit, bend, sit down, take a few swings with his hands. If you have all the time to spread wrapped the belt or tighten the bottoms, find another model. Do not buy a swimsuit that you is great - in the water it may take a bit longer and even sliding.