Advice 1: How to choose a swimsuit for the pool

To make you feel comfortable swimming in the pool, it is necessary to approach responsibly to the choice of swimsuit. Its fabric must withstand chlorinated water, and a style of uniform for trips to the pool should not hamper your movements.
How to choose a swimsuit for the pool
Perhaps one of the most important characteristics when choosing a swimsuit for the pool is the strength of the fabric. Because the water in the pool is chlorine-free, the best material is polyamide. Fabric for the swimsuit of good quality should be around 80% polyamide, 20% lycra or elastane. The second option – polyamide (55%) and polybutylenterephthalate (45%).
Choose one-piece swimsuit closed, which has wide straps and a closed back, you will feel in the pool more comfortable and confident, not fearing that swimsuit slide, exposing the shoulders and depriving the breast support. Once you come to play sports, do not buy a swimsuit with pendants and beads, these accessories can be a hindrance in the water.
Take care of the breast support when choosing a swimsuit. Better to stop the choice on models with attached or removable Cup. If cups is not, the fabric of the swimsuit should be very tight, and the straps are wide, then the bust will look beautiful, but you will not feel discomfort in the swimming pool.
Choose the size of the swimsuit so that it is a tight fit figure. A little bigger size swimsuit will allow the straps to separate, and the size will be smaller "bites" into the body. When purchasing, check every seam of the product. A good quality swimwear the lines straight and the stitches without holes.
To visually figure seemed more slender, choose a swimsuit with a deeper stepper neckline and contrasting side panels, then some figure flaws in the waist area will not be evident. If you want to visually lengthen the neck, buy swimwear with a V-neck. For those who have broad shoulders, to hide them will help straps converging to the clavicle.
Since the size of swimwear is designed for average growth, higher women need to choose the model, and the ladies of small stature need to find a swimsuit a size too small.
Closed swimsuits. Summer is a time of holidays, trips to the sea and, of course, resort novels. A compulsory subject in Spa equipment, without a doubt, is a closed swimsuit. On the beach, at the gym or at the indoor pool sexy swimsuit will help you to attract admiring men and envious women's views, what else do you need for a good rest?
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They can go in the pool, fun in the sauna or the bath, a Solarium, and, perhaps, to go to one of the most popular in the world of beach resorts, which welcome guests year-round. 1) closed varieties of swimwear, acquiring excessive popular among girls who want with these items of clothing a little bit to adjust small imperfections of her figure; they still often get girls and women in the position; 2) in 2011, a special demand...

Advice 2: How to choose swimsuit

Swimsuit - a constant attribute beach holidays and lessons in the pool. The right swimsuit will help you show the figure in a favorable light.
How to choose swimsuit
Before heading to the store for a swimsuit and dive into a riot of colors, decide why you need a swimsuit.Swimsuitfor a beach holiday, swim in the pool, - fitness classes are selected according to different criteria.For the rest of the sea need a bright swimsuit that will accentuate a tan flattering and while most will hide defects.When choosing a swimsuit, pay attention to the characteristics of the body.If you have a perfect figure, you can choose the swimsuit that you like. If the figure is imperfect, approach more carefully.In order to visually enlarge the Breasts, choose a model with push-up effect padded cups, underwire. If the bikini top is bright and the bottom dark, it moves the focus on the chest.If the Breasts are large, choose a swimsuit for wide straps, underwire to support the Breasts. If the bikini top is V-neck, dark - it will visually reduce the breast.If the figure is complete, should not choose the bathing suits of shiny fabric, very colorful, bright. Please note swimwear neutral colors from a matte fabric. If such a swimsuit will wide straps, they will visually correct the shape.
Swimsuit for swimming in the pool should be as comfortable for you and not to annoy other visitors. Therefore, it needs to be closed, mostly dark colors, no frills, skirts and rhinestones.In a swimsuit for swimming the body should be as streamlined as possible - only then you will be comfortable in it training.Make sure that the swimsuit never pressed, not cut into the body - you may not be able to exercise if there is discomfort.
Choosing a swimsuit for water aerobics, pay attention to how it sits on the chest. In contrast to ordinary swimming, water aerobics will have to jump, bend, etc. So make sure that the swimsuit is well supported Breasts.
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