This model has the headlight, which contain the indicator lamp, high beam, and marker light. Disconnect the headlamp Assembly - you will need extension bar and a Allen head on 10. First disconnect the cable from the negative battery terminal, then remove the front bumper cover, designed to protect the headlamp levelling.
Disconnect the shift control cable headlight, then carefully Unscrew the three bolts, which is attached headlight, take her to the side. Press the latch and remove the cover, then disconnect the wiring connector and remove the headlamp Assembly.
For lamp replacement remove the cover of the headlight and gently pry off the latch and tilt it. Remove the bulb, head light and produce its replacement. Remember to touch with your fingers the bulb is prohibited - this can cause darkening and contamination of the lamp, and further rapid failure. Do this procedure with gloves or with a clean cloth in his hands.
To replace the bulbs for the Parking lights rotate the cartridge clockwise to the left headlamp and against – for the right. Remove the first cartridge, and then pull it from the lamp. Replacement turn signal guide similarly, the difference is that the lamp must be unscrewed from the socket clockwise.
Replace any bulbs in the tail light as follows: disconnect the wire from the negative terminal of the battery, then remove tail light, and depressing the retaining clips, remove the back cover along with lamp sockets. Gently push the right bulb, turn it and remove. Replace, making sure that the tabs on the bulb clearly coincided with a slotted cartridge. Turn it to the clockwise by 90 degrees for locking, and install the taillight in place.
How to replace the lamp for Renault Logan