Getting started with the replacement of light bulbs, external lighting, check for proper fuse and circuit. Do not touch the glass bulb, because fingerprints deposited on the reflector, degrades lighting. If you still inadvertently stains remain, remove them with a lint-free cloth moistened with alcohol. Pick up a new lamp of the same type and model.
For replacement bulbs headlights free from mounting bracket and remove the back cover. From the back of the bulb, disconnect the electrical connector. Squeezing a spring bracket serving for mounting the light bulbs, throw them aside and remove the last.
The new lamp, install so that the slots of the headlight aligns with the tabs on the cartridge. Secure with spring clamps. Again connect the connector, install the cover on the headlights.
To replace light bulbs fog light, lock on stands raised the front of the vehicle. Twist the screws and remove the plastic splash guard, which is directly under the fog light. Disconnect the connector, and by releasing the retaining clip, remove the fog light.
On the headlight detach the clip and remove from reflector housing. Disconnect the electrical connector. Remove the bulb, pre-compressing the spring mounts. When installing the new bulb, match the protrusions in its cartridge with the grooves in the headlight. Lock spring clip. Assemble by following the instructions in reverse order.
When replacing light bulbs front turn signal remove the battery cover. Cartridge turn the bulb anticlockwise and remove from the rear of the turn signal. To remove the bulb from the socket, push in and in this position turn in the course or counterclockwise. Perform installation in reverse of removal sequence.
To replace the rear light bulb Unscrew the screws at the rear of the Luggage compartment. Removing the rear trunk trim, remove the clips and remove the upholstery. On some models, to gain access to the left of the lantern, Unscrew the connector, remove the storage compartment and remove the side trunk trim.
Releasing the retaining clips, remove the tail light cartridge along with a light bulb. Click on it and turn to extract from the holder. Proceed in reverse order.